I guess it's time to vote


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Aug 15, 2013
monett missouri
Lacy's, New Orleans or Southaven Rec, South Memphis for 1St Annual IP org Member tourney, Sept 24 and 25.

Double elim, 3/2. $100 entry, to be paid on arrival. First match each day will likely be Noon at Southaven, 2:00 on Sat and 1:00 on Sun at Lacy's. Players' meeting 2 hours before those times on Sat.

Please vote only if you are a Verified Member who thinks it's very likely you will participate if your choice of locations is chosen. For any who don't know, "Verified" only means that other members have met you. The other qualification is that you've been a member here at least long enough that we know you didn't join just to pick off this tournament, IOW, at least before today. :)

I'm thinking that voting should be open for about a week, so voting will close at 10:00PM Central Daylight on Sunday the 19th.

There will be a food and beverage fund to which contributions will be voluntary. After we see how much we accumulate we can decide what to do with it (probably have some area specialty food catered.) After we decide on location, we'll decide where to send those contributions for any who want to pony up ahead of time, or for any non-playing donors.

I realize that some of these terms and conditions proposed by me may not be thought best by some of you, and they are not carved in stone. However, I thought that if the bull wasn't taken by the horns we might discuss forever, with no clear result. Any of this can change, but it will take a strong and obvious majority of likely participants to make that happen.

I'm trying not to even think about which individuals have shown a preference for Memphis because I don't want to feel too guilty about runnin' out on you, but I've decided that I think Lacy's is the better choice this time, so, for the first vote:

LSJohn -- Lacy's

Disco Dave -- Lacy's

Jeff Sparks -- Lacy's

Cincy Kid -- Memphis

Gulfport Doc -- Lacy's

jtompilot -- Lacy's

Milton777 -- Lacy's

CrabcatJohn -- Memphis

Miller -- Memphis

One Pocket Guy -- Memphis

BRLongArm -- Lacy's

Jakie -- Lacy's

Troutmanmo -- Lacy's

kicker -- Lacy's

Hardmix -- Lacy's

Newkirk -- Lacy's

Hacker -- Lacy's

MobileMike -- Lacys

Tom Wirth -- Lacy's

Jerry Matchin

Lacy's: 16

Southaven: 4

(BTW, I'm not taking anyone's preference stated elsewhere and moving it here as a vote. State your preference on this thread and I'll eventually add a more-or-less running total to this post.)
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Nov 23, 2015
Northern KY
It may be pretty tough for me to squeeze this in between my 2 prior engagements but I will cast my vote for Memphis on the chance that I can make it. If it comes down to close to decide, remove my vote because I can't promise I will be there although I will do my best to make it.

Thanks by the way for organizing this John!


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Jun 25, 2004
Gulfport, Mississippi
I prefer Lacy's Cue.

Since the house will be donating the pool table time, it's probably not wise to then bring in special food. It seems to me that we should be buying the establishment's food and beverages, so that they can make a little something from us. Perhaps the owner would agree to feature or to have catered certain specialty food. They would know how to do that.

I suggest that we start as early as practicable on Saturday; at whatever time the owner agrees to let us in. Everyone knows the major rules, so we wouldn't need a long player's meeting. OTOH if we only have 12-15 players, then the start time is not that important.



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Nov 8, 2012
Rosemount, MN
Lacy's works for me. I don't know why I have not been verified yet. I have played and met several members through my travels.

Jeff sparks

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Apr 2, 2015
Houston, Texas
Lacy's works, but Memphis is my first choice. I don't feel the need for catered food either...

I'm with you on not worrying about catered food. I just thought it would be nice to get together and mingle a bit before any pool was played, sort of a get to know our fellow members thing... That would take some advanced planning and more time and money than some of us are willing or able to devote to this 1st OnePocket.Org Members only tournament. Probably another day would be required ( Friday ) to really do it right and that's probably asking a bit much from everyone on short notice...

If we are in fact trying to further the game of one pocket and increase interest and knowledge of the game, adding new membership to this forum as a result, I do think that this celebratory party and gathering of members for a tournament should be included for consideration in future years. This year, not so much because of time constraints and funding... Jmo

You're doing great, thank you...:)

Cory in dc

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Nov 21, 2012
I'm completely indifferent. I am equally likely to make it to either location--flight time is only about an hour difference.

So that's one vote for each.


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Oct 17, 2015
I'm game for either location, New Orleans is my first choice and Memphis a very close 2nd.