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  • Good morning, I have two names one this site. I would love to remove this one Paul Squatrito and continue with bmoretallpaul. Please delete the one or give me instruction to complete the task. Thanks so much. Stay safe Paul
    Cincy, how does one send a private message to a member. I gather starting a conversation is public? Thanks Keone
    Hey Keoneyo! It's actually just the opposite! :) So when you post a message here to my profile, it is public, whereas when you start a "conversation", it's only view by those invited to the conversation. This can be a private message between you and another or you can add others to it to make it like a group message. Hope this helps! I will send you one to test for you ~
    I tried to respond to your response.

    I found "Write something" and wrote something, but couldn't find anything resemblin a "send" button.
    This is Good Stuff are you a Belushi ha ha
    For $1500-2000 you can make it a lot more livable, and for another $500 or less you an probably move the pole about a foot. If interested in any of this let me know and I'l explain.
    Check record book. Scotty Townsend results: 2017: 1st: Billy Thorpe, 2nd: Shane Van Boening. 2018: 1st: Alex Pagulayan, 2nd: Francisco Bustamante. 2018 Buffalos Pro Classic has not been played yet.
    Hey if you text me a cell # i will send a shot video. Its not ling and needs some editting
    605 691 2992 is my cell
    Hey cincy... I see that you need an IP address for please point the DNS A record to >>
    The floating menu on the forum does not render correctly on the forums page. I cleared cache and confirmed in ie11 and chrome(looks better in chrome), but they both seem to have an issue with the div.
    hey bud,
    im working on the uploading video to youtube.
    looks like its gonna take days. lol
    I will text you the link
    Sorry we did not meet up and play some, I made it to the 5th round in banks and that wore me out, started one match at 12:30 am did not finish till 2am. I know Mike Delawder, he a good you play who can bank with the best of them.
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