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  • No tournament at the Hard Times this Saturday. It’s on May fourth. I’m at the emergency room right now with my wife. She fell and is in a lot of pain. Took xrays and mri. Waiting for results. So not sure about this Saturday
    Jim it’s been suggested to check with you in regards to matching up for some OP. Providing a near by airport is one of your stops. I’m limited to players to challenge with but willing to make an effort and drive. Would like to touch base with you. Thanks mitch.
    Jim, I know you're coming to Dallas shortly and I agreed to play you some one pocket but unfortunately, I'm not physically able to play. My back is improving but I have too much arthritis in both hands and both shoulders. I can hardly get out of bed in the mornings lifting myself up is a struggle due to arthritis in both shoulders. My hands are so painful I have problems making a bridge. I haven't played more than 30 minutes of pool in the last four months, I'm sorry but I cant play you any one pocket as much as I would like to play you. I'm trying to make an appointment with a rheumatologist to have my body diagnosed, maybe he will give me some type of solution to my problems. Good luck when you come to town give me a call when you get here if time allows we can go out to dinner. Sorry.
    if you want to play some $ 20 or $ 30 a game one pocket im up for it. I have played once since Derby City but i want to start playing again
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