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Hi Mary,
We've never met but I just wanted to tell you that I've enjoyed your pool photos a great deal.
Hi John, Just wanted to wish you speedy recovery. Amazing how all is well one day and the world is upside down the next. Hope to see you somewhere in the near future at a pool event. Keith/Sappo
Hey OldSchool I didn't respond to your thread but I agree the site has taken a major step back. Hope you have a great New Year. Keith/Sappo
$150-200. Great idea. Do you remember the tournament at Diamonds Billiards in Dallas? $1000 entry fee with one buyback.
Billy let me enter for 500(which led to several more entrants) and I lost my first match to Chohan 3-2. Rebought for 500, won my next match, then
played Cliff on TV table - won 3-2. Then beat Gabe 4-1, eventually lost to Griffus. 1st Cliff, 2nd Billy, 3rd Roger, 4th me and Lizard.
The format leads to these kinds of David v. Goliath matches, and a lifetime of memories for guys like you that make that kind of run.