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Cochran's had a 10 ft table looking out on Market, a lunch counter and bleachers and great greek food right downstairs on the street. Great place to be in ''dead punch. BTW anybody wanna buy a '64 Balabushka?5
How do you want to handle this bet? First, you have to confirm the bet or it's not official. Second, you should make the guys post, either with you or a third party. Third, I would limit the action to a maximum bet, but that's your call. I can post with you or NH Steve. Let me know.

I do these on AZBilliards occasionally and post all the details. I just didn't put it all out here in a single post this time. I will update the post. Thanks for the heads up. I was capping at $2,000 but I'll take some more. If you want a bet on Roberto, I'll go up to $3,000 my end (your $375). You can post with me or Dustin Miller if you prefer a third party.