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  • JEFF, MY NEW E-MAIL ADDRESS rod.stephens0105@att.net
    Lost my old site (how I hate att ) if you get up and running send me your e-mail address and also maurice's and anybody else I might want.
    P.S. send CC not BCC.
    Thanks Rod.
    Hi Jeff, this is Keith Stanton from tucson. I was wondering if about 10 years ago you spent some time here in tucson playing at Pockets. There was a fellow Jeff who was there for a couple of months playing. this guy was quite tall and played pretty good. it just dawned on me the name Tall Jeff was used by a few of the guys there when talking to or about him. any chance that was you. keith
    Jeff, this is Jerry Matchin. I played Efren yesterday and while I was at Hardtimes, Don Jackson and I spoke and I told him you were in Houston. Don told me you were roommates back in the Daisy Mays days. He didn't know how to get ahold of you and I told him to log into One Pocket.org and he could locate you. He was very ill and lost a lung and half the other lung but still kicking. Any way he says hay to you.

    take care,
    Hello Jeff, Have called Rizzo three times but has not returned any one of my calls. I certainly would like to play the 65 yo tournament but ... not sure if I'd be able to make it. I'm a realtor in Virginia and may have a closing on those dates. I'd gladly send my check but what happens if I can't make it? Please respond - Rizzo seems to not care answering messages. Let me know please your opinion of my matter and if we could work something out. Thx Bill 804-307-7135
    Hi Jeff , I was thinking this morning if you received those 2 Polo Shirts I had to resend because of the screw up with the post office. Just checking.
    Happy Holidays ,Frank
    Jeff, I shipped your 2 Polo Shirts Today. 10/17/2015
    tracking # - U.S.P.S.9505500012395290000179
    Thanks Again Frank
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