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  • Hey Doc, I'm Phil. I was playing straight pool where I got to know Johnny Ervolino. We played a game race to 150 at the billiard emporium in Commack NY. It took him 2 hours or so to hit me with 330 plus balls. he had the same break shot most of the time with great command. He might of had 2 or 3 difficult shots during the run. I thought he would never miss. He actually never did, the run ending because he scratched.
    You were perfectly right to say what you said about the so called High Prized tournament. Ray has been quite a jerk these days.
    He threatened to ban me from his FB page because I criticized his airing of his auctions. Which he is the only one that gets
    a kick out of doing. Watching it for hours instead of a game is ridiculous.
    Your analogy about the 200 entry for a 400 win seems spot on.
    Hey Doc. Im about to email you . Hope you are well. Im going to Jackson in the latter part of the year. Dont know how far it is from you. Take care.
    Hi Keith-- Yeah, I think most guys simply didn't understand how simple it is, even though Larry posted a pretty good example of it. Everyone wants to make it complicated. That whole thing about cutting the head ball into the first or second diamond, I thought was silly. But however a guy can visualize it.....
    Hi Doc, I just wanted you to know your method of cueing and aiming on the break is exactly my method. Ive been breaking like that for several years and it works very well me me also. I always broke with my cue tip on the equator of the cue ball but since that breaking thread Ive gone to about 1 1/2 tips lowball and I believe I can hit the balls a bit harder and my cueball winds up closer to the side rail. Just thought Id share that with you because no one seemed to pay it much attention to your input. Hope you are feeling okay... keith
    Doc, one of my best friends is Fred Guarino from LA Mr. Pockets days and he and I remember you playing in the room in the late 60's. I went by Baby Huey back then (still do) and I hope you remember us as well. take care
    hi doc, hope all is well with you. when alex and scott matched up a while back we had a $50. bet with you taking scott. in 2 months scott is playing efrin race to 30. since i won our last bet I'm giving you the chance to get even and letting you have your choice of player. let me know if you want to bet and who who want. should be a great match to sweat. keith
    I believe Mosconi's exhibition & their match was on Big Pine Key but I'm not certain. Not what we' call a decent room today, but nicer than his dad's. By the way, Crane was always a hero of mine (saw him at LeCue in the 60's) but against this guy my money would have stayed in my pocket.
    Doc, I could be wrong about the table but not the number. He practiced (and I played) at his father's room in Key West (Perra's---no A/C!) which had four 9 footers, one ten footer, and one 12 foot snooker table. The first time I saw him, I was on the second table back from the counter and he was on the first, the ten footer. After a few minutes I put my stick down and watched but didn't count (was told he ALWAYS went to 300). On two occasions I did watch him to 300 on "my" 9 footer.
    Art I don't have your cell number but I can tell you that I have been talking to both Scott and Gentile daily. They are in a good spotdown there and was wondering if I was going to make it down. Unfortunately I haven't been feeling good enough to play since Tunica, my back has been giving me a lot of pain and my stamina is really in question. Guess i'm feeling my age and i'm not liking it. I played a partner match with myself playing Wiseman and Eddie Brown even, race to 4 for $2,500 I had a great game and should of won 4 to 1. I was leading 3 to 1 after 3-1/2 hours and needed 1 ball to their 3 and lost the game. I was so exhausted that I asked them to call the set off with me needing only 1 game leading 3 to 2. I guess I need to start exercising and go on a diet, plus vitamins. Don't know yet if i'm going to Mobile, depends on my helth. Talk to you later.

    Listen up,
    Billy Incardona
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