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  • Just saw the post, would love a shirt if its not too late, I wear a 2x or 3x, are they available. If its too late I understand, sorry about your loss.

    Just saw the post about the shirts, do you have 2x or 3x, if so and its not too late I will take one, will pay pal you if it not too late, please let me know. Tom Harris
    Bill Rowsey may not make it to NO. If so can I pay you to ship the shirt when you get home. I'm not sure if Bill is coming now but he still may make it. Thanks Todd
    I cant make the tournament as you know so if you could send me a larga and include shipping, I will pay pal you.
    This is Todd Williams one pocket guy. I already asked you but didn't hear back. If you could get a 4x tall any color t shirt I'll take it if not 5x? I won't be there but my buddy Bill Rowsey is and he will pick up . Thanks
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