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  • I prefer the "Private Message" way to communicate since anyone can read what's posted here. I rarely say anything I'd need to be confidential anyway, but once in a while.... :>)

    I didn't try to figure the various actual outcome of those 5 bets, but at a glance it looked as good to me as it did to Miller. Good eye. Thanks for the friend request. I'm always interested in what you have to say
    Hi Kieth - No West Coast Swing this year - It appears that other organizations have seen fit to upstage all of our available times slots and, we had issues with finding a 3rd venue for the Swing as, Freezer's backed out.
    Keith, thanks for your kind offer - I will be interested in your comments, and I will try to call Sunday evening around 9:00 Baton Rouge time.

    The reason it took so long Keith I was in Seattle and waited to I got back to send the money. If you want to frame it and tell people you beat me in a game of one pocket it would be very believable, I haven't beaten anyone in quite some
    I got your message and picks. I have Dennis as my 1st pick and will pick another as soon as I find out who else is there.
    Hey Sappo
    Sorry I didnt respond. I been sick with the cold virus and taking care of my family. Yes I am aware of poker go. As a matter of fact I got a couple of horses right now at the WSOP. I hope to be going in a couple of weeks myself. Thanks Keoneyo
    Thanks Keith, I have never heard about this site. I will check it out today. I really appreciate you thinking of me. I have had some very hectic years due to health problems and backed off poker. If we ever meet or talk I will explain but it is too long for this format. I play to tune up soon and get back in form. Best regards and thanks again, Phil
    Just saw your DCC message of well wishes. Thanks! I do believe they worked! Heh. What a great trip :). Hope all is well with you my friend.
    Hi Keith,

    For the last five or six tips, I have used a Kamui Brown supersoft.

    The brown does not seem to glaze over like the black does. For one pocket, I find the supersoft seems to have a great ability to produce maximum spin for soft hitting shots with ease.

    Thanks for informing me of this Keith. These mailing issues are new to me and I didn't anticipate problems of this kind. I will be taking some measures to correct this problem. I'm sorry your copy did not come to you pristine. I'm sure you know, I do want every ones copy to arrive as perfect as possible.

    Keith, Danny is a very aggressive player with a very interesting imagination. He strikes balls really well and has a super stroke. Yes he's been guilty of playing too close to the edge, however, he wins a lot of games with his pressure game. He constantly applies pressure with his shot selections and you better be able to come with some shots to either beat him or stay with him. He is getting better with his decision making and understands that he has given too many games away because of his over aggressiveness. I believe he's a better player than Justin Hall because he pockets balls much better. Plus he handles the cue ball very well.
    Thanks for the acknowledgement. Billy I.
    if you have any trouble finding it feel free to call me at 520 544 2764. keith
    Hi Keith,
    Thank you very much. I was not aware and had no idea. I will check it out.
    All the best,
    Hi Keith,

    I appreciate the support! I managed to play at the very top of my game all week.....all I can hope for.


    hi, i didn't do the work. the original videos were mine and "calired" from this site did the work.
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