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  • John just thinking about you. Hope your situation is improving. Hope to see you at an event soon. The 1st drink is on me. Keith/Sappo
    Hi John, Just wanted to wish you speedy recovery. Amazing how all is well one day and the world is upside down the next. Hope to see you somewhere in the near future at a pool event. Keith/Sappo
    Hi John, I didn't know if you heard that Walt Iseri, Wayne's brother, died last month. Covid 19. Hope you are well.
    Hi John, looks like we can have action on the 1 pkt tournament next week. If you are interested you have the 1st pick this time. no rush it starts next wednesday. Keith
    John i thought i sent you a message today but now i think it didn't go through. you said your 1st pick is Dennis. im taking Tony and Alex. just make your 2nd pick and we have action. as always good luck. im going to the tournament wednesday and thursday to cheer my horses on. keith
    Hey John, if Alex is there ill take him as my 1st pick. let me know your 2 picks and send me a list of some other top players. good luck to you in the tournament. keith
    Hi John, are we going to have our $50.00 sweat on next weeks one pocket event? if yes i would like to change our bet a little. its my turn to choose first, instead of me picking 2 players and then you taking the next 3 players i would like to take the 1st pick, then you get the next 2 picks and i then get my 2nd pick. i think its better this way. also i think what ever player finishes higher wins the bet. if you like this ill take Alex as my first pick. let me know who your 2 picks are. thanks keith
    Hi John, i want to give you a chance to win that $50. back. there is that Buffalos Pro Classic at the end of the month. This time you get to pick the first 2 players and i get to pick the next 3. if interested just send me your picks and then ill send you mine. winner has the player that finishes highest. Sappo/Keith
    Mr Henderson this is big Dave at Hard times thanks for the video suggestion of Mark Tad and Steve Cook it was a great match see ya soon
    For some reason, Harriman is woofing at me. I'm thinking of going to Olathe next mth for their tournament. He's offering 8-7 on his break and nothing on mine. I'm thinking of 9-7 both ways if I jump, he's got a horse. $100 a game What do you think?
    Mornin' there out west. Got my money back yesterday. Got second in a full 128 field eight ball event. One of my students beat me in the finals, Calcutta was good too. Now I'm all even with Houston :). Plus. Send me that K.Thompson pic will ya :). I took my poster out of my cue case, layed it flat it's fine, not even a crinkle in the card stock. Just wrapped it around the butt came out perfect. Thx.
    im getting ready almost ready for our match mr henderson,dont foget to give me a call instead of e mail please,be good and see you around
    would like to buy you a drink, and play at derby this year if I can get on your card...

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