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  • Just confirming that I still want a hardback copy when they become available.
    Hi David, Thank you so much for sharing this with me. It is nice to know my efforts are appreciated. I wouldn't be too worried about allowing others to see the book though. But only allow them to glance at it. Encourage them to buy their own copy. A high tide floats all boats. Everybody gets better!
    Mr Worth my name is David Carver I met you at California Billiards and purchased your book and video and I can't set them down ! And I can't share them with my friends in fear of them getting better ! Lol I've really enjoyed them and thank you so much , hope to see you soon
    Hi Dave, I'm sure it was not intended for me, maybe for Thomas Wayne but that's just a guess. I couldn't see the case from the link you gave but I'm sure it is a thing of beauty. Enjoy yours. Tom
    Mr. Worth,
    John Barton profiled a case for a TomW on this video.
    Is it your case? It sure is a good looking case and it looks well made. It would be a pleasure to use it.

    My JB case will arrive on Thursday, but it is a minimalists case. Few amenities.
    Tom, do you have more books? My friend Sonny Wallace seems to have lost/mislaid his, and might ask me to order another. Thanks Bill
    Hi Harry, Thank you for your interest in my book and more importantly, your interest in One Pocket. What a great game! If you use paypal just use send your payment to If you don't use paypal you can send a check to Tom Wirth 14318 Campanelli Drive Delray Beach, Florida 33484 The cost is $49.95 + $5.00 for the shipping. Keep on promoting this game, Harry, it's the greatest! Tom
    hello tom. I am Jamie Farrell's dad Harry Farrell. I live in baton rouge. I would like to purchase a copy of your new book. the rave reviews are out of this world. I don't gamble any more but I still try to play a very strong 1 pocket game. Please contact me at 225-603-0869 cell or email at I saw you at buffalos a while back and meant to introduce my self. I am still a student of the game even though I am 76 yrs old. I was the guy with the other black one pocket shirt I got from the Ghost. call me please any time after 8 am until 10 pm. Just tell me where to send payment and how Pay pal or regular check. As a reference Art tripp is a good friend and knows what type of person I am. No nonsense true blue! awaiting your contact.
    Tom I received the book today. I want you to know the envelope you sent it in came rather roughed up. the cover of the book has a small crease across it. Im telling you this because I think you should add some support to your packaging for future deliveries. Im looking forward to reading and digesting it. thanks keith
    hi tom, this is keith stanton we met at las vegas when you played. i was wondering how your one pocket book is coming. I'm really looking forward to hearing some of your thoughts on the game. let me know. thanks
    Hey; me too,not sure if i'm going,but i'm trying to work it out.Its still far enough off to make it,its all about funds when your retired, you only get so much a month,and there is a hundred things you want to do.
    Hey Steve,
    Let me know if you make it back down this way again. I don't play at Gold Crown but there are those other rooms nearby where we can play. I am thiking of going to Tunica but haven't made up my mind about it yet. Maybe we can work out a game there.

    I thought i sent you a message the other day about Gold Crown,i lived 3 blocks from there,before i moved back to Daytona,to be closer to my younger sister?
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