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  • Hey there...I was watching a vimeo video you put together a while back with Henry,ghost,and Bernie. It reminded me I still have about 16 hrs of video I took several years ago of Artie playing J Henderson at the DCC. Might you be interested in putting it all together for the guys to see? You really look like you know what you're doing.
    Hi Keith, How's it going? Thanks for the interest. The book is nearly completed and is currently with the editor. Once I get it back I intend to add one more section. That being a chapter detailing a few strategic blunders by top players. It should be a very interesting topic.

    I'm not certain about the DCC this coming year. I hate the cold! Last year left me wishing I hadn't gone. I was longing for this warm sub tropic weather.

    I'll keep everyone up to date about the book there is a great deal of good information in it and I use what I think is a novel approach to thinking about the game.

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