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  • Hi Bill, just wanted to say Im happy for you having a new bride. Hope all is going well and you are safe. I also wanted to say I very much miss your input on the site, particularly when it comes to handicapping and evaluating risk/reward situations. Please ask Mrs Incardona to free you up a few additional minutes a day so you can be more active here. Stay Safe. Keith/Sappo
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    Keith, thank you. I always feel good when players/people show an interest in my efforts to share knowledge in a game that I have invested half my life playing. Yes,' it makes it all worthwhile it means a lot. As I aged I lost my ability and relevancy as a player, which is saddening but people like you who show appreciation for the things that I do for the game make me feel relevant again. Thank you.

    Bill Incardona
    Bill, now i feel like an idiot, mailman just delivered the check. i may just frame it and hang it on the wall and tell everyone i beat you in a game of one pocket. thanks keith
    Hi Bill, i assume something got crossed up, for the payment on the alex-justine bet. i PM'd you first with my PayPal address and then sent a 2nd with my home address. if you need to speak to me im at 520 544 2764. thanks keith stanton/sappo
    Hey Bill, hope you're getting better. I really miss Anthony. 2819 Chauncey Hill Drive,Manchester, MD. 21102. Take Care
    Bill, i'm not familiar with the hotels here in Dallas so I couldn't advise you and feel comfortable, sorry. My schedule is very busy doing business and family related things, sorry I just don't have any time. Good luck and enjoy your trip to Fl. and have a Merry Christmas.
    Bill, I'm gonna be passin' thru Dallas as I head south towards Naples FL to visit some old college buddies. Looking for a suggestion of a room, non smoking and a safe hotel close by as I plan on doing a layover. If ya can help it's appreciated. Hopefully I'll leave tomorrow. If ya wanna get together let me know.
    Hey Bill, I just wanted to say you were right about Danny Smith's ability. After watching his play in NJ, I now have to agree with you that he has what it takes. Good call. Keith
    Billy, you don't know me my name is Gene. I'm trying to get in touch with Kristy Cook, Danny Cook's daughter. Scott Rabon is a friend of mine and he called Nick Varner for me a few weeks ago and Nick didn't know Danny, I was wondering if you knew him and if so how I could contact him to see if he could get a messsage to Kristy for me? She was looking for anyone who had cue they had bought from her grandfather "Gordy Christopherson". I have one, I don't want to sell it but thought she might like to hear the story she was looking for information for a project she was working on.
    Mornin', hope this text finds you doing well. DCC 2015....are you going to work the booth during the ring game production?? If so I'd like to bring in another type of booth event and work with ya. I'm going to call Greg S. soon, I've created a league type pro Bar Table Ring Game format (6ball), that would be Fun and get the Great Bar Table players to put in'....with each session taking approx. 1.5-2 hours with two winners. Min 5 in a player group Max 8. If it was 3K a man, 1st player in an 8 player group would win $20 K second $4K. Or do a smaller one $1K X 8 players and pay $7K 1st out and $1K for second player out.
    When I saw your name, I could hear your voice. You're a great commentator. (Almost as good as Jimmy Mataya) I'll keep my fingers crossed for The Beard.
    Happy Birthday Bill. I've been following your legend for 45 years. A friend from Indy, Steve Oaks, said that when he was 18 he once had a chance to go on the road with you. As good as he played, I wonder how much better he could have gotten with your guidance.
    hi Billy

    we met at Derby. last day early hours i asked you to play.
    i was at Freddie's house two weeks ago. i came over fom Europe and we were supposed to work ogether, was there to pick Feddie's brain...it was during those days that he received the bad news and only shortly after i got back that he sadly passed away.
    i regret not having known him better than i did...a great and funny guy.
    he thought the world of you...many stories...
    take care. am learning a lot from your commentaries. nice mixture of knowledge and fun.
    Hey Billy... Do you know if Scott Frost is coming to the US Open this year or not? We want to do some player interviews to promo the Make it Happen 1pocket and Scott is likely to be one of the 6 invites...

    Chris w/ Accu-Stats
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