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  • This rule could not be simpler or clearer, no exception. "All fouls provide an option to the incoming player to accept the shot or return it to the opponent as the balls lay." Lastly it will not change ANY other intentional a player wishes to take.
    This rule will stop that scenario in its tracks. The effect will be shorter games by 4-5 minutes for every time this situation could happen otherwise, games will be more interesting to spectators because more risk means more mistakes and excitement and more offense because of those mistakles. (cont'd)
    I know how reticent you are to making rule changes, and you should be. I will find you examples of the tap fouls or roll up fouls to see what this rule can fix
    When you see two pros going thought this sequence wasting 4-5 minutes only to have to shoot a shot they could have shot in the first place, doesn't it seem foolish to you. (cont'd)
    Hi Steve , this is Frank Nordmann ( aka the baby) , For the life of me , I can't figure out what airline or airport to fly into for the senior tournament at Bogies east. How about a hotel ? Where are they ? close by , I hope . any help will be much appreciated. P.S. on the fence .
    Hi Steve, hope all is well with you and your family. Just writing to say Mr 3Cushion is a detriment to the site, always arguing with everyone. I find it hard not to tell him what a jerk off he is but then he would just go on and on with me. It was better here without him. Keith Stanton
    NH Steve
    NH Steve
    Thank you -- yes, I agree he has an argumentative personality. Thank you for restraining yourself from engaging. You can block him if you want. I think you just hover your mouse over his name, and a box appears, including the option to "Ignore". Seems like a good idea :)
    Well I would say probably let it die, even though I myself got a kick out of it too. For one thing we want more women active on onepocket.org and if that bothers them at all (which I have not received any complaints yet), then that right there is a good reason to let it die or even take it down. The other thing is those pics add up to a degree on the onepocket.org server -- not a huge deal but they do add up lol. So let's let it die and as some point I might delete it -- RIP a fun thread Todd.

    BTW you asked me this in a "visitor" message, which is the same way I replied. But just so you know, anyone who visits your page will see all of this conversation. That's fine with me and probably you too, and also it has the advantage of informing anyone who drops in on your page what happened to your thread. Thanks again brother!
    Steve, Hope your feeling better.
    I got a question.
    A few members have asked why I don’t post on the Fat Bottom Girls thread anymore.
    I haven’t because a few voice displeasure, but many more approved.
    What’s your thinking. It’s work for me but it gotta lot views so I figured members enjoyed.
    Should we let it die off or bring em back. Your call I don’t care either way.
    Steve.. Just curious.. Do you know why the Interviews do not allow one to scroll with the mouse wheel? It makes it a little difficult to read them when one has to drag the bar every few paragraphs. Is it just me?
    Steve I was looking forward to playing in the next OP.org tournament and poster says members only? But I read a post saying verified members only? Not sure if it’s something I can make plans for or not? Chris was talking about verifying one is a real person, I have taken the time and effort to introduce myself to a couple of .org members in person on their home turf. One is Sacromento and the other in Chicago. What’s your thoughts, mitch
    I understand commentary issues feelings with Box but once again you trumped with the singleness of purpose.... the game of OnePocket. And Box knows the game very well. Thanks Steve. I am limited to OnePocket places to play so I am creating something at home. Found a Gold Crown making a man cave. I’m serious about the game, been paying by my dues. Looking forward to meeting some of you on the road. Thanks for your purpose mitch
    Hey Steve
    Hey Steve. I met up with jlcomp45 today and played some. His name is John Long from Cape Girardeau, Mo. Beginner level player. Very nice young man which was also verified by some mutual friends. Was at the Derby all 9 days and played the one pocket. He would like to get verified. He's not playing in the tournament but in any case is not a threat. John
    Hi Steve, can you find out when the 2017 us one pocket open will be held? i tried to contact mark but received no response. thanks and Happy Holidays to you and your family. Keith Stanton
    Hi, my name is Ming Ng and I would like to become a verify member. Mr. Steve can please you tell me how to go about it. I've been at the senior events last three times ,when they had it in Houston. A few senior members had told to join onepocket.org, so I did. This the best place to learn this beautiful game. Thanks you creating this wonderful website for all of us.
    Thanks Ming NG
    Steve, would you please reconsider my qualification for the upcoming tournament. I have been a member for quite a while now and have several friends on the site. I read a lot more than I post and use the site to communicate with members. I have played with a few of the members on this site to include, Gulfport Doc, Androd, Ghost and Joey Aguzin.
    Thank you for any consiceration,
    mobilemike Mike Trawick
    Thank you so much for allowing me to be a verified member.I look forward to learning a lot from the veteran posters and players.

    Am considering the super seniors event in October. respectfully, Charlie Wilhite.
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