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    Calling Out all St. Louis, Mo One Pocket players.

    He said it was ok for me to share his number so I'll text it to you
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    Calling Out all St. Louis, Mo One Pocket players.

    That's a reference to Ronn signing up for his first Bogie's Senior One Pocket tournament in case you were wondering :)
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    Calling Out all St. Louis, Mo One Pocket players.

    That I know of, we have members Dustin Miller, Lou Figeuroa, Jay Pettlon and Kollege Dave in that area. Not sure about other locals. Miller reports that there are also two poolrooms, and Justin Bergman might be available out of one of them :oops:
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    The state of One Pocket these days

    A whole 'nother angle I did not even mention above!
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    We will see, but I think at the moment, Fedor banks either a little better than Shane or just with more confidence and liking than Shane. That was a big part of Fedor's win over Chip in my opinion. I watched it ALL lol, being home with covid and having it available for 7 days on replay was a...
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    The state of One Pocket these days

    Another member here is definitely making things happen in Europe, and we are going to be seeing the impact of that for a long time to come, in my opinion, and that is Alex Lely.
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    The state of One Pocket these days

    One particular person who deserves a chunk of credit for this is our member, BRLongArm -- and not "just" for adding significant money to a number of different events -- he's targeting that sponsorship and doing things in the background that are motivating things to happen in a positive way for...
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    The state of One Pocket these days

    Heady times for the game of One Pocket these days, if you ask me! You have many more, big money added, One Pocket tournaments going on throughout the year than ever before. You have some very exciting new young players from across the pond showing signs they belong very close to the top of the...
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    Cmon larry, you do know that Josh has competed in more of these (that the money is based on) than Fedor, right?
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    Chohan vs Gorst Banks - 2022 DCC

    Me too!
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    Dumb Question #1

    It is right there in our rules (to spot your first 2 and then play 9-7) but there is always the #1 rule when matching up — “whatever the players agree to” 😄 and like Hendy said, it depends on how much you like the game, as to what you might be willing to compromise on. Winning little battles...
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    2022 Fall Regional Tournament - Memphis - November 4-6

    Well you tell him Mr Booth wants to play Banks 3 out of 4 days that I'll be there. The other day? Well i didn't think it would be right to hog him the entire time lol.
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    High Stakes One Pocket Tournament-$10,000 Added-5,000 Entry-September 15-18th Action Palace in Dayton, Ohio.

    Sounds like a lot of great One Pocket content — just don’t be in a rush!
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    Corey Deuel vs Roberto Gomez One Pocket Action Match August 5-7th-Buffalo's Billiards Action Palooza New Orleans

    watching Corey struggle with his ball running was kinda depressing. I think I saw he’s signed up for the 5k entry tournament — he has to figure this out before that or he’s dead money. He should get his eyes checked for sure!