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  • Steve, I know you posted a mailing address but I can't find it. Will you send me (pm) same so I can drop this check in the mail, thanks, tom k
    Steve, Love the pics you posted of the DCC. Wondered who the guys were in the pics 20140125-1192 & 20140128-1786 (Shirt read "All Damn Day"). Great website, outstanding job. Who are we sending to the next one pocket tournament. I will contribute to the player.
    Pick Pocket
    Good Morning Steve. I put the clock in the mail yesterday. Nothing extravagant just something to make her feel good. I would appreciate it if it is not mentioned that I was involved. Would prefer her to think it was all onepocket.org's doing. Looking forward to Derby. If you need any more help with the dinner just let me know. Later, Rick (Pel)
    Steve, will you tell me what pay pal account to use to send you some money into the Players Fund? thanks keith
    Hey Steve,

    I went to the Billiards Café in Ayer, MA this past Saturday. I was curious about the partners one pocket league that will be going on in a couple of weeks. The pool hall didn't open until 3pm on Saturday but I got a chance to play one pocket with THood who is a poster on one pocket.org, I also got to meet a couple of his friends who were playing snooker on a 12 foot table. The tables played pretty good considering they were old style Brunswick tables but in excellent condition with big pockets, banks were good but the slate was fairly slow. They have approximately 8 serious one pocket players with another 4 who may play in the next partners league, I signed up as a sub for now, I enjoyed playing with THood, am planning a return visit next Saturday.



    Update: Next Saturdays visit to the Billiard Cafe has been cancelled due to family issues (nothing serious)

    Talk to you later,

    Steve, I would like to send my check for the Hall Of Fame Dinner. Freddie just posted that if I sent it early that I could reserve a place at his table. Please forward an address and to whom the check should be addressed.

    Thanks you, "Tennessee Joe" Johann
    Hello Steve ,
    Sir I have two unrelated questions ...
    1. How did I become a verified member, I did nothing to meet the criteria?
    2. Mike Sigel has never been nominated or has and I missed it years ago?

    That would be no problem. Just make sure to provide me with a good and complete address for your friend. You can do that when you order in the note section, and you can also send me an email to make double sure. steve@onepocket.org
    Hi Steve,

    I ordered a Johnston City poster from you last year and am very happy with it. I'd like to get one of the 50th Anniversary posters and have it sent to a friend of mine. Would that be possible? The potential problem would be that the shipping address would not match my name and address on my credit card.


    Charles Morrison
    How you doing? Im learning about these people (I's starting to keep my mouth shut) but I have a question , Who is the Ghost? .... he really knows alot ? Curious.

    talk to you L8R
    Not this year. He is older than Shannon, but Cliff just did not have the impact on the pool scene at the young age that Shannon did. I know Shannon is young, but no one has ever come into the game of One Pocket that strong at that age -- he deserves (if he gets elected) to be our youngest One Pocket HOF inductee. We have been operating the HOF with the criteria of 20 years at least as a player/contributor of significance.

    Hi Steve, Keith here. Just wanted to ask you if Cliff Joyner was eligible for the hall of fame voting and if he was why his name isnt there? thanks keith
    Hello Steve.
    How can we find posts made by ourselves beyond 500.
    Is there anyway I can search for earlier posts?
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