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  • Keith, I fondly remember the late 60's at LeCue. You named me Tomato Stew. I was a fairly weak shortstop yet a pretty good gambler, made an ok living playing pool until I moved to Illinois in 1970. Still love playing, especially one pocket, although I don't play much anymore. (regrettably) I still know the game pretty well thanks to watching the greats play at LeCue. How are you? Let's talk, chat about our lives and our happy times in the poolroom. Cheers, Stew
    Cue & Triangle, Big Spring,Texas, Settles Hotel, Bobby Taylor, Red 57 Chevy. A very long time ago. A very close friend of mine, were talking about you. We were laughing about how he though he could trap you playing snooker in Lubbock, Texas. Do you remember this? John Wesley
    Buddy. Send me your address, please to alftaylor1

    Buddy. Send me your address to alftaylor1
    @yahoo.com. I want to be back in touch with you and I couldn't have written a book without including your straight shooting ass. Alf
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