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  • Alfie, my name is Mike Trawick and a friend of mine passed thru Dallas and played a black guy they called stick many years ago. He asked me to find out what kind of player he was and asked if he was still alive. Please let me know what you know about him as my friend is computer illerate. Thanks, Mike
    Alfie, I'm in the middle of your book. I'm a slow reader and spent a week on the road without it as I forgot to bring it. I have a check for $25.00 for you but don't know where to send it. Your book is fantastic. I'm enjoying every word. Thanks so much for sending it and please tell me where I can send your check.

    Pete Saxton
    11065 Grand Blanc Rd.
    Gaines, MI 48436
    Alfie; Richard and Sherry from BCA here, cashed in both events, great fun, and can still get a game any time. Read your book while in Lost Wages, excellent reminder of why I quit. I have written a few pages of similar to share with you, if interested, especially time in Albuquerque around Cowboy Jimmy, our bookie. The info on Morocco hit the hot button for Sherry, and we plan to go there for our "bucket list". Ciao!! -=DR
    Yipee! It's Clare again. I just answered your PM and said good night, adding please write soon. Once again, I bid you sweet dreams.

    Me and my dogs say him and her should meet he and me and him and say I ain't telling nobody where is it at.
    Disect and grade that, teacher lady. A
    Awww. You are so sweet and generous. I can't wait to read your books. I'll send my address via PM. Thank you so much.
    It's too late, darlin'. I love teachers. I'm already putting your package in the soon as you send your address. Let me know how you like my work/hobby. Alfie
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