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    Happy birthday Steve from the Mighty Squirrel!
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    Happy Birthday Larry (lll)

    Happy birthday from The Mighty Squirrel, I turned 70 this month, if I knew I’d live this long I’d took better care of myself so take care of yourself and have many more!
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    James "Salt" Duval Interview

    Good stuff here from the old salt, if you want to be a world beater you have to practice 14-1, that’s just the way it is!
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    Walking with Giants, Buddy

    I played Buddy Hall twice back in the day, once in Johnston city in 1970 and in Pasadena Texas early 1971. I conned him into a one hole match at 50 a game in Johnston city, fortunately for Buddy he won first break. He won the first game like 8-7, second game I shut him out. Same thing happened...
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    Johnston city mind games

    Most players, gamblers, fans etc. will never know the intense mind game you have to endure to compete in say The Johnston city al-around. That was the toughest thing to do! You’re playing the best players on the planet and you have to play them reasonably long sessions at all 3 major games...
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year from the Mighty Squirrel, life is good sometimes!
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    Happy Birthday Tom Wirth

    Happy birthday from The Mighty Squirrel life is good sometimes!
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    happy Birthday Billy I.

    Have a great birthday from the Mighty Squirrel!
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    Happy Birthday To Baby Huey aka Jerry Matchin

    Happy birthday Jerry from the Mighty squirrel, life is good sometimes!
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    Happy Birthday 12Squared (Dave)

    Happy birthday from the Mighty Squirrel life is good sometimes!
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    Bucket list

    Bull scored 330.5, it takes 375 to make the record book. I’m so happy about I’m gonna dance a jig bahaha
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    Bucket list

    Booked myself an Elk hunt in Wyoming with Tyler Sims outfitter, top of the line! Great accommodations, treated me like a king, got me a bull elk to die for today!
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    1972 stardust Mataya

    Willie Mosconi hammered Fats pretty bad on the left side of this billiard news!
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    1972 stardust Mataya

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    Cole Dickson my friend