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    At Hard Times: One pocket

    I will go by Hard Times Sunday and see who they have signed up and post it here. Since they do not have a player limit and take signups right up until tournament time, the list will be the players who have paid their entry fee.
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    I am rooting for our regulars and California friends too, but history says they may be up against it. This is the first year Jim the Pilot can play, so let’s hope he goes deep, and Newkirk is liable to beat anybody if he has been playing enough. James Davis Sr is not on the list. He split one...
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    At Hard Times: One pocket

    Hard Times Billiards, Sacramento, CA. Stream is free, either on Post-Up on Facebook or YouTube. Links will be posted on here.
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    Ronnie Wiseman
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    bank the seven, go three rails behind the one

    It is a common shot in one pocket and you may not see it in several games, or you may see it a few times, depending on how the balls set up. You do have to have it in your arsenal to be a decent one pocket player. You will see Alex P and T-Rex shoot it more often than some other players.
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    DCC questions

    Great Picture!
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    At Hard Times: One pocket

    Oscar usually takes as many as he can get, and takes signups right up to post time. He mentioned he would take up to 80,
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    High Stakes One Pocket Tournament-$10,000 Added-5,000 Entry-September 15-18th Action Palace in Dayton, Ohio.

    I agree, but he is not quite considered one of the elite yet. His day is coming.
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    Tony vs Busti releasing all this week at 3pm PST

    Thanks for posting. Busty is under the radar now since he has not been around. IMO HE IS STILL ONE OF THE TOP DOGS.
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    Happy Birthday Doc

    Happy Birthday Doc. Hope you guys stay dry.
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    At Hard Times: One pocket

    Be good to see you again. Is Greg coming too? We need to get you in the booth.
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    A big happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday guys!
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    It is close, but I always use extreme English on this shot. I might not shoot it on some tables/cloth.
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    I see two options here. off the head ball and put the cue ball on the two. OR, one of my favorites in this spot, two rails out of the cornner and split the four balls on the spot, pushing a couple two your side.
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    The Hague op.o MOT Tournament Thread

    Great job, Steve and Dave on commentary.