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    What's the Call?

    Here is why I think this should be loss of game. If you let them get away with this, there is no telling what they will try and get away with later.
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    Ronnie Allen's No-Count Kibbitz

    I also won a little yesterday. I will try and let them get even today before I go to hard times. I have a hard time typing anymore and will try and finish Doc’s story tomorrow.
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    Must see poolrooms , Need Help

    California Billiards, Fremont CA. 30 + tables including three 6 x 12 snooker tables. Good food full bar. Jointed Cue, Sacramento CA. 17 tables including three cushion. Famous cheeseburgers, and every champion in the country came through here in the 70’s. The memorabilia on the walls is...
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    Ronnie Allen's No-Count Kibbitz

    This article was submitted to Cue Sports Journal by Arthur Tripp in 1995. Reading John Henderson's stories in CUE SPORTS Journal, makes me recall an incident in early 1970 at Mother's Billiards in North Hollywood. At that time the men's World Pocket Billiard Championships were held at the...
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    Happy Birthday Gulfport Doc

    Happy Birthday Doc. I have a little surprise for you when I get around to digging it up and posting.
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    Mkbtank Hague Trip Report

    That grin says it all.
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    Amar Kang Memorial 10k added One Pocket event, December 27-31, Hard Times Billiards

    This was a blast last year and I had a good time sharing commentary with Joe at the event. I tried to do all three days and actually fell asleep at the Mic. I am in a little better shape this year.
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    Handicapping sets: balls vs games

    In all the years I have played one pocket, I have not seen games on the wire much. Much more common in rotation games. When I have watched it, the giver usually gets the cheese.
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    Happy Birthday Rodney.
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    Happy Birthday, Lenny

    Happy Birthday Lenny!
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    Friday Night Fights at Hard Times Free Stream

    I am playing a friend of mine tonight at 6pm. Race to three for $300 a man. Stream is on Post-Up, either on Facebook or you tube. Collins runs an interactive stream, so you can comment or ask questions during the match.
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    Jack and Jill went up the hill ...

    Met her at Hard Times, Sacramento, who is one of her sponsors. She will be a champion, and very good for womens pool.
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    WWYD (8/26/23)

    Take a scratch in both instances. #1, kick between the 13 and long rail to the end rail. #2, kick one rail at the eight with good speed not to scratch. You might have to do this again because you are probably in the stack again. OR, you might take a scratch to the middle of the end rail down...
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    Wwyd From BG5

    I am going to shoot the ten down to the middle of the opposite end rail. He is going to put the twelve down table, and I am going to maneuver balls to my side until he makes a mistake or I can take a flyer.
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    Friday Night Hard Times Challenge Match

    I did some commentating last night at Hard Times, Sacramento on a challenge one pocket match between Collins Newey (Post-Up) and Molina Mike (Windows Open). It was all in fun, but they did bet $300 each. The match was an undercard on Friday Night Fights, before an exhibition match between SVB...