T.J. Parker/Dale


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Dec 10, 2008
New Braunfels tx.
I've been playing pool in San Antonio for about two years.
I'm often reminded of my friend R.Dale Sutton, I don't use the word friend loosely, he was one of the finest men I've been around.
Dale had a tic that caused him to blink rapidly and often, not so much as he grew older.This tic got him the nickname "Blinky" everyone around the ball halls called him that. If you tried to balance the scales, what I did for him against what he did for me, I'd come on the short side Big Time.
Although I tried many times after I got money, he wouldn't have it.

His humor was funny, we were at T.J.'s and dale got a pool game with a non- player. It was always amusing to watch him play, big slip stroke, the table would look like a snow rabbit had been running around on it.

Jack Terry was watching the game, when over, he came to us and said "lets cut it up" Dale said what are you talking about ? Jack said didn't you see
me sign myself in ? Dale said oh yeah, didn't you see me wink you out.
Jack and I broke up laughing, of course Jack was kidding.

Dale, Tall Jimmy and I made lots of trips, long ago we were mostley broke,
Dale always had money, if we didn't, dale would bankroll the trips.
Those were the good ole days, we always made money.

One trip were were in San Anglo, went into a bar late Saturday, the owners name was Rodney I played him 8ball $20 a game, he was $60 winner,said he needed to close. I said I'll come tomorrow if you'll play 9ball he said sure.
We got two rooms (Dale snored like a chain saw) and got some rest.
More about San Anglo tomorrow.
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