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  • Rodney I played some with Kinard yesterday and he was a cigar salesman. First in Louisville then back in Memphis. Do you remember playin him
    Hi Rod,
    I just finished your journal "T.J. Parker" in one sitting. I sat down with a cup of coffee this morning thinking I'll take a quick look at OP before starting my yard work. I got started reading and couldn't stop until the end. That is some great writing and story telling! I hope that your healthy and getting out to play some.
    Rodney thanks for the reply. I don't know if Kinard sold cigars before he got into poolroom business. He owned Funland I think, Cue City, Players then part owned High Pockets before selling to Tracy. From What I hear he was a giant killer in the 70s.
    Hey Rodney I hope your feeling better. I just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your last journal. I'm from West Memphis and my Mom is from Truman and Dad lived some of his young life in Marked Tree/Tyronza. I currently live about 15 minutes from Blackfish Lake.
    Was the store in Blackfish Walter Bowles place? I heard a lot of high gambling stories about that place. You mentioned Southaven. I play one hole there reguarlly. Did you ever play Rosie or Bill Rowsey Or Kinard? Well enough questions. I hope to read some more on this area if you so incline~T
    Thanks for the heads up about Blinky, our friend.
    You said some nice words about him, he deserved every one and then some, he was a good man and I'll miss him too Rod.
    my dad, dale "blinky" sutton passed away april 2. 2014. i saw your post and appreciate your asking about him. for a long time, and it still does, it gives me pain to talk or write about him. i plan on posting an obit in the sa paper soon. tell all his friends that he missed them before he moved on. he had some good times and a lot of memories.
    i would like to hear of anyone's stories that they may remember. thanks, blinky's boy glenn sutton email:
    Dennis, I hadn't seen his ad in the classifies section. Everyone has a dream, some are realized.
    Not sure how this new site works ?. Do I need to sign up for something ?

    You gotta give Cardone credit for having a sense of humor ie; the $750 books in the classifieds. Someone has a brand new WOP for $450 on Amazon and that's probably $200 too high.

    I just bought 4 (new) Shots, Moves & Strategies from Eddie Robin for less ($250 less) than he's asking for 1 book. Of course, Eddie rides his bike to the post office and Cardone doesn't. He's a funny guy.

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