Harold Worst


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Jul 2, 2020
R. Hippe, thanks for posting the video of Mr. George Sutton! Just a terrific find.
Not much Sutton couldn't do at Billiards with all the adaptations he came up with. He apparently played Balkline at a fairly high level. (I had said straight rail earlier although he probably knew all the "small table" games.) I'll try to find out what averages and high runs he made and share those here.

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baby huey

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Oct 29, 2008
Harold was also quite the marketer of billiard products. He had a line of cues and his geometric angle (something) to visualize how to cut balls into pockets. This is the early 60's when billiard products were just not available much. I noticed in one of his pictures that he is playing with a Brunswick Willie Hoppe Titliest Cue. I had a couple myself and for a production cue they hit quite well for the time. I also read that during the Korean War he was a "Body Bag" soldier in that he was responsible to put dead soldiers into body bags for burial or to be sent back to the states. That is one tough assignment but America was a different place back then and soldiers did their respective jobs with honor and grace. The more I have read and studied him through this thread and the great input for our contributers the more I wish I had met him and could have talked with him. I would have loved to have seen the pro players from that era interact with him and from what has come up here, it is clear he was "The Man."

Dennis "Whitey" Young

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Jul 8, 2017
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Since the 3 C Championships have been listed, I thought this tribute to 14.1 Champions would also be appropriate for this thread. There are a few surprises for me. I feel it is well done.