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  • Room/walls/floors/lighting/a/c & heat done....my table guy is a Diamond rep, but he prefers the GC table. He's NOT a pool player converted to mechanic, he's the real deal working guy. He's got and redoing the top rails. He's busy NOW.... initial set up is key/so I wait end of mth. He mentioned, sometimes the slate pins need to be removed. My guess, this slate set will match up. When players matcheup, they always chose the better table, 1962 bead weld pocket iron date. Not brunstone, grey slate....1 1/8'' thick. Getting excited, have not picked up a cue in 4 mths (3 hr drive)....the way I look at playing, the body is just as important as playing. Hopefully soon I will visit your room tho not sure yet/when. Be at my daughters home over Thanksgiving in Manhattan Beach, they might have a surprise for me (bambino???) we'll see :) then I for sure will be out W. once a year or more. Have a great holiday season, to you and your loved ones. Bill M
    Billy, the GC's are the most beautiful table ever. They play so well. Everyone likes the Diamonds and they are nice but no one knows what they'll play like sixty years later. I have two perfect GC1's in my room and both have 41/4" pockets. One of them I had a Body and Fender guy I know paint it with high grade car paint and shine up the chrome castings. Send me some pictures as you begin to get it completed. Good luck see you in Fremont.
    I went to the source. GC are from the IL/Chicago Area, where I'm from, Brunswick flooded all the state colleges and rooms with GCI's. Larry Schwartz, long time friend is hopefully hooking me up. He's a Diamond Dealer that knows the right people and he's from Chi Town. I'm stripping it a little each day. The Ball Box is perfect and NOT beat up. It was the players table at one point and got a ton of action, all the top rail formica is well worn in spots But not beat up. The rail counters work perfect and it has both rake holders. But if you know of.....any. I might still be poking around, its not a done deal on this end yet. Thx again. BM
    Karl, where are you these days? Are you still in the LA area? It's been a long time since I've seen you so here is my email address. Jerrymatchin@hotmail.com
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