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July, 2013

US Open One Pocket

Dennis Orcullo tops Corey Deuel for the 2013 title

Dennis Orcullo was able to pick up where he left off after a severe thunder storm caused a power outage right in the middle of the winner's side final of the 15th US Open One Pocket, causing his match with Corey Deuel to be postponed until the following morning. Leading 2-0 in games and 6-0 in the score when the power went out, Orcullo went on to win the hot seat with a 4-0 dusting of Corey the next morning.

Corey Deuel finished 2nd


Dennis Orcullo, 2013 US Open One Pocket champion

That put Corey up against the most recent addition to the traveling contingent of stellar players from the Philippines, Carlo Biado, for a second chance to reach the finals. Corey was up to the task, but the finals would have to wait an extra day, with all three of the One Pocket finalists also contending in the US Open 10-Ball tournament, which began as the US Open One Pocket was winding down.

The finals were a single race to 5, and Orcullo prevailed by a final score of 5-3, for his first major One Pocket championship.

Carlo Biado finished third in the full field of 64 players from around the world. This follows his strong finish in the One Pocket division at this year's Derby City Classic, and another strong finish at California Billiard's recent West Coast Challenge One Pocket event, so it appears he will be yet another a strong Filipino contender in future events.

Click here for a gallery of many more photos from this event

July, 2013

Tom Wirth sponsored player at the US Open One Pocket is pleased to sponsor veteran player Tom Wirth in the upcoming 14th US Open One Pocket tournament to be held July 17-20 at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. would like to thank Mark Griffin and CSI for continuing the tradition of this prestigious event and for making this entry spot available. For further information about the US Open One Pocket, visit

Click here to read more about Tom



Tom Wirth on his way to winning Strawberry's 1993 One Pocket tournament would like to wish Tom the best of luck in the tournament. If you would like to support our sponsorship of Tom in this prestigious event, click on the Player Sponsorship page for more information. Anyone who donates will be entered in a drawing for some great memorabilia and instructional materials.


June, 2013

2013 Tunica Southern Classic

Alex Pagulayan victorious in Banks; Justin Bergman in One Pocket

Alex Pagulayan cruised through the field of 123 players undefeated to claim the 2013 Tunica Southern Classic Banks title. While Pagulayan is a veteran player with numerous major tournament championships to his credit, his finals opponent in the Banks division was a young player just beginning to leave his mark on the pro circuit -- Skyler Woodward. Not that everyone was surprised, because Woodward's 2nd place finish here in a major Banks tournament closely follows his 5th place finish in this years Derby City Classic Banks division. The kid can bank!

Pagulayan advanced to the finals with wins over Tommy Strickland, Robert Melrose, Chip Compton, Robb Saez, LeeVann Corteza, Nikos Ekonomopoulos, Jonathan DeMet, John Brumback and Richie Richeson, all without a loss. Woodward had to also navigate 10 rounds of Banks aficionados on his route to the finals, including a win over perennial Banks champion John Brumback, suffering his only loss at the hands of Efren Reyes.

The top Banks finishers for the 2013 Southern Classic:

1. Alex Pagulayan

2. Skyler Woodward

3. Richie Richeson

Tied for 4th. John Brumback & Troy Jones


In the One Pocket division, after losing to Francisco Bustamante in the first of two final matches, Justin Bergman used his buy back to force a second final against Bustamante, and second time was a charm as he defeated Bustamante three games to two for the Tunica Southern Classic One Pocket championship.

Like the Derby City Classic, the Tunica Southern Classic is not true double elimination, but instead offers each player one chance to "buy back" into the next round immediately after their first loss. Bergman did not suffer his first loss until he reached the finals against Bustamante, giving him the opportunity he needed to defeat Bustamante for the title following his buy back.

Corey Deuel finished third, suffering his second loss at the hands of Bergman in the 10th round, while Bustamante advanced to the finals after knocking out Niels Feijen in the 9th round.

Other top finishers include tied for 4th, Jonathan Pinegar, Niels Feijen and Mike Dechaine.

Earlier in the tournament, Bergman had advanced with wins over Daniel McKenney, Lou Figueroa, Jason Chance, Robb Saez, Mark Dimick, David Parker and Francisco Bustamante.


February 6, 2013

Ronnie 'Fast Eddie' Allen Dies

July 12, 1938 - February 6, 2013


One Pocket legend Ronnie Allen was originally from Oklahoma, and it was there he first developed the makings of a great pool player. In his teens Ronnie found his way to California, where he discovered the very active pool scenes in San Francisco and Los Angeles. He won the very first tournament he ever entered, Cochran's One Pocket tournament of 1962, which included a veritable who's who of early One Pocket.

As a tournament player, Ronnie won major One Pocket events over three decades:
   Cochran's One Pocket tournament in 1962
   Johnston City One Pocket division in 1970
   Red's Open One Pocket in1984

Ronnie also won the 9-Ball division at the Jansco's 1966 Stardust tournament, which qualified him for the finals, and indeed he went on to capture the all-around title for that year. Surprisingly, his clinching win for the all-around title came over Cicero Murphy at the game of Straight Pool, thus proving that Ronnie was one of the top all-around players of his day.

As an after hours player, Ronnie was the dominant One Pocket player for nearly twenty years, from the mid 60's to the mid 80's. His flamboyant style at the table was as popular with the spectators as it was overwhelming to his opponents. During those peak years, it took a rare player to face Ronnie even; nearly everyone could get a ball or two -- or more.

Ronnie also developed a very strong one-handed technique. Many players who hesitated to step to the table with him in normal fashion were enticed to take him on, their two hands to his one, only to find he shot nearly as well one-handed!

Credited with inventing ‘power One Pocket', Ronnie was famous for his creative shots that aggressively moved several balls at once away from his opponent's pocket and towards his own. His entertaining and exciting style of play came as quite a contrast to the conservative style employed by most of the top One Pocket players when Ronnie first burst on to the One Pocket scene. His exciting style has inspired many of our younger generation of players, which has made the game itself more entertaining for countless fans.

Ronnie was elected into the One Pocket Hall of Fame in 2004 for his outstanding contribution to the legacy of the game of One Pocket.


Ronnie Allen at the first One Pocket Hall of Fame banquet in January 2005

Click here to read our 2004 interview with Ronnie Allen


Derby City Classic

Louie Roberts Award

Given annually to the player or backer that brings the most "action and entertainment" to the Derby City Classic, in the spirit of the late Louie Roberts. Prior winners are:

* 2003 Alex Pagulayan *

* 2004 Tony Watson *

* 2005 Scott Frost *

* 2006 Cliff Joyner *

* 2007 Chris Bartram *

* 2008 Shane Van Boening *

* 2009 'Scooter' Goodman *

* 2010 Jeanette 'Black Widow' Lee *

* Congratulations, 2011 winner Dave "Viffer" Peat*

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