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October, 2011

Johnston City

50th Anniversary of Jansco Brothers First Tournament 1961-2011

October 25th, 1961 the world of pool in America woke up to a remarkable new kind of tournament that shook the pool establishment out of a deep slumber. It was an unusual event on several fronts; one being the unlikely location for a major national pool tournament, deep in rural southern Illinois. Second, it was a game, One Pocket, not recognized by the established sanctioning body of pool in America at that time, the Billiard Congress of America. Third, the tournament boldly featured a number of known hustler pool players who had not participated in the few sanctioned events of the mid-century -- whether by their own choice, or because they were not invited due to their reputations. And finally, the promoter was a total newcomer to pool tournament promotions, a fellow who had his roots more in the gambling side of pool than the establishment side of pool, the remarkable George Jansco. So who were the Jansco Brothers, and what made them think a small town in southern Illinois could become the “Billiard Capitol of the World”?

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Johnston City Jansco Cue Club

The Jansco's original Cue Club Billiard Academy,

site of the first Johnston City tournament 


Jansco Brothers Johnston City

George & Paulie Jansco in 1961


US Open One Pocket

Efren Reyes rises to the top of a stellar field


Efren Reyes 2011 US Open One Pocket Champion

2011 US Open One Pocket champion, Efren Reyes


May15, 2011

Cue Sports International brought back a new and improved US Open One Pocket to the Riviera Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas Nevada for 2011 to a full field, and solid crowds of avid One Pocket fans. Originally planned for a field of 48, Mark Griffin of CSI responded to demand for more spots, so the field was increased to 64, with all spots claimed. The field was a good mix of former champions, from legends like Danny Di Liberto to repeat champion Efren Reyes, to young challengers like Sylver Ochoa, with the ranks partly filled by a series of qualifier tournaments held in different parts of the country.

Reyes seemed in comfortable form, unfettered by recent eye sight and back problems, and he moved through the field undefeated. Not that it was easy -- he had to reach back and exploit some of that Reyes magic to steal a key match from a very solid playing Corey Deuel. That match came down to hill-hill in the race to 4 winners side, and Corey needed only one ball to clinch with 4 balls on the table -- two of which were right next to Corey's own pocket. Yet, somehow Efren survived to advance.

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March 26, 2011

John Brumback

Official sponsored player is pleased to announce their first ever sponsored player representative, Banks champion and One Pocket Hall of Fame member John Brumback. John will be representing in the upcoming US Open One Pocket Tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada, May 12-15, courtesy of the membership of, in particular raffle winner "Deeman" and Mark Griffin of Cue Sports International, who made the entry spot available to a player/member.


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John Brumback, player representative sponsored player, John Brumback


Wrap up interview with John Brumback following the

2011 US Open One Pocket

January, 2011

Derby City Classic

Highlights 2011

This year at the 13th edition of Greg Sullivan's Derby City Classic, new champions were crowned in both One Pocket and Banks as well as for the all-around title, and a professional poker player turned a strong heart for high stakes toward pool to claim the Louie Roberts Award.

In Banks, two-time defending champion John Brumback gave it a good run towards a three-peat, but ran out of gas late on the final night, as the Banks division played out into the wee hours of Tuesday AM. With Brumback left in third place, two Filipino's battled it out for the Banks title, with Alex Pagulayan eventually prevailing over Ronnie Alcano.

The One Pocket division also saw an unusual final, as favorite after favorite fell by the wayside, and the finals came down to Earl Strickland and Shane Van Boening. Shane won in an entertaining hill-hill final.

Van Boening became the youngest player ever to be crowned the all-around champion at Derby City.

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Shane Van Boening, 2011DCC One Pocket champion

Shane Van Boening, One Pocket &

DCC All-around Champion


Alex Pagulayan, 2011 Derby City Banks Champion

Alex Pagulayan, 2011 DCC Banks Champion

Dave 'Viffer' Peat, AKA 'Dippy Dave' winner of the 2011 Louie Roberts Award

Dave "Viffer" Peat, winner of the 2011 DCC Louie Roberts Award

Click here for more of the 2011 Louie Roberts Award story & more photos

Wade Crane competing at the Carolina Open 2005


Wade 'Boom-Boom' Crane Dies

Wade Crane, the great all-around player from Rome Georgia, died in a car accident December 26th in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Wade was born February 20, 1944 and got started playing pool as a teenager. Known best as one of the most powerful 9-Ball players of his time, Wade won numerous tournaments both under his real name, Wade Crane, and his road name, 'Billy Johnson' in a career that spanned from Johnston City to recent Derby City Classic events.

Funeral arrangements are being handled by the Townson-Smith Funeral Home, Robbinsville, NC - Robbinsville.

Wade Crane has been selected posthumously for the Lifetime Pool in Action award to be presented at the upcoming One Pocket Hall of Fame dinner January 25th during the Derby City Classic.

Click here for Wade Crane's Lifetime Pool in Action page on

Wade Crane's Wikipedia page

One Pocket Hall of Fame

The Class of 2010 is set!

The One Pocket Hall of Fame is pleased to announce this year’s class of inductees in the categories of One Pocket, Bank Pool and Lifetime Pool in Action to be honored at our 7th annual One Pocket Hall of Fame dinner, January 25th, 2011 -- Tuesday night during the upcoming 2011 Derby City Classic.

Our One Pocket inductee this year is the great all-around player, Allen Hopkins. Allen won Grady Mathews' very first Legends of One Pocket event in 1991 -- and he was also one of the most feared after hours players of his time.

This year the reigning two-time Derby City Banks champion, John Brumback is our Banks inductee. John grew up in the heart of Bank Pool country and has built an unmatched resume of tournament victories.

Everyone knows that pool has always had two very different cultures over the years – the establishment culture of tournaments, wholesome recreation and industry endorsements on the one hand, and the after-hours culture of gambling and hustling on the other hand. It is the mission of the One Pocket Hall of Fame to honor and remember those great players and great games that represent the legacy of Pool in Action.


Allen Hopkins

(Mike Haines/Bill Porter photo)


John Brumback, Banks Champion

In that spirit, the One Pocket Hall of Fame is pleased to present this year’s Lifetime Pool in Action award to the tremendous all-around talent, the late Wade 'Boom Boom' Crane, AKA 'Billy Johnson'.

Don’t miss the One Pocket Hall of Fame dinner on Tuesday, January 25th, during the biggest pool jamboree ever, the Derby City Classic. This year our banquet will feature a Johnston City Tribute in honor of the 50th anniversary of the very first Johnston City tournament (1961-2011). Join us in the “Legends” bar (right in the Horseshoe Casino complex) for our own private party! This promises to be a very entertaining evening, as these players are among the most colorful, talented and action-oriented legends in all of cue sports.

Click here for more information and HOF dinner reservations


Derby City Classic

Louie Roberts Award

Given annually to the player or backer that brings the most "action and entertainment" to the Derby City Classic, in the spirit of the late Louie Roberts. Prior winners are:

* 2003 Alex Pagulayan *

* 2004 Tony Watson *

* 2005 Scott Frost *

* 2006 Cliff Joyner *

* 2007 Chris Bartram *

* 2008 Shane Van Boening *

* 2009 'Scooter' Goodman *

* 2010 Jeanette 'Black Widow' Lee *

* Congratulations, 2011 winner Dave "Viffer" Peat*

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