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2004-05 One Pocket news archives

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One Pocket news since went online in May 2004

2005 One Pocket

Hall of Fame Inductees

* Artie Bodendorfer *

* Marshall 'Squirrel' Carpenter *

* Steve Cook *

* Ed 'Champagne' Kelly *

Bank Pool Inductees

* Freddy 'The Beard' Bentivegna *

* Truman Hogue *

* Leonard ‘Bugs’ Rucker *

* Billy ‘Cornbread Red’ Burge *

* Gary Spaeth *

* Eddie 'The Knoxville Bear' Taylor *


One Pocket and Bank Pool Legends to be

Inducted at the Derby City Classic

The 2nd annual Legends Dinner at the Derby City Classic will be the setting for the induction of this year's slate of four One Pocket players and six Bank Pool players into the One Pocket Hall of Fame.

This special event is scheduled for Tuesday evening, January 10th 2006, during the Derby City Classic, and features some of the most entertaining and action-oriented legends in any cue sports.

Click here for the Hall of Fame page

Click here for complete banquet and ticket information

Special thanks to Diamond Billiard Products for their support of this event.

Scott Frost over Gabe Owen in the

2005 US Open One Pocket

Scott Frost came through the field undefeated to defeat Gabe Owen for the US Open One Pocket championship at the Plaza Hotel and Casino, in Las Vegas, NV. Earlier, Gabe had ended Ike Runnels run through the loser's bracket for the right to face Frost in the finals, leaving Ike in third place.

Complete results at

Nevel tops Putnam to win the

2005 Southern Classic Open One Pocket

Larry Nevel topped a strong field of 47 players for the One Pocket division title of the Southern Classic, coming out of the one-loss side to defeat Shawn Putnam 5-3 in the finals. The One Pocket is the first of three events in this "Grand Opening tournament" in the brand new poolroom, The Pool Room 2 in Duluth, Georgia.

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Gabe Owen wins Carolina’s Open One Pocket

As the tournament progressed, it looked like destiny well scripted, as Katrina evacuee Mike Surber advanced through one half of the winner’s bracket, and One Pocket Hall of Fame honoree Nick Varner moved through the other half. Surber might have had a little extra motivation to win, because it was he that topped Varner to lay claim to the winner’s side and await a finals opponent.

Click here for a Results, Photos and Re-cap



Nick Varner

One Pocket Hall of Fame

Nick Varner was inducted into the One Pocket Hall of Fame at a special ceremony held at Fast Eddie’s Sports Bar and Grill during a break from the Carolina’s Open tournament action on Wednesday night. Grady Mathews acted as master of ceremonies, and the owners and staff of Fast Eddie’s bent over backwards to make the evening memorable for Nick, as they pitched in with hard work, good humor and great hospitality.

Click here for two pages of photos from Nick's induction


Eddie Taylor dies

Banking legend and Hall of Fame player Eddie 'The Knoxville Bear' Taylor passed away Monday, September 5th at the age of 86. Possessed with sharp eyes and a powerful stroke, Eddie was one of most universally respected and loved pool players ever. While he was best known for his uncanny banking ability, his peers respected every aspect of his game. Eddie was honored by the One Pocket Hall of Fame at a special event in April of this year.

Click here for Eddie Taylor's One Pocket Hall of Fame event

Click here for the Eddie Taylor interview, part 1

Click here for the Eddie Taylor interview, part 2

On Fats, Mosconi, Frankie Boughton and others...


Rack 'em up with

Leonard 'Bugs' Rucker

Ranked right up there with Eddie Taylor as a banking genius, 'Bugs' was also a dominant after hours One Pocket player. He was honored in January as part of the first class of inductees into the One Pocket Hall of Fame. In recent years Bugs has been suffering from the progression of diabetes, which limits his activity. This interview includes major contributions from fellow Chicagoans John Henry, Sylvester Duncan, Glenn Rogers and Freddy Bentivegna -- all regular companions and competitors who know'Bugs' very well.

Click here for part 1 of the Bugs Rucker interview


Banking with the Beard

by Freddy Bentivegna

Freddy 'the Beard' Bentivegna has just published a unique new book on banking, entitled Banking with the Beard, Secrets of a Master Banker.  Chicago has for years been host to a culture of big action Bank Pool, home to legends such as 'Bugs' Rucker, Glenn 'Piggy Banks' Rogers, and of course, 'The Beard'.

Click here for our complete review

Hard Times 2005 Summer Jamboree

  Click here for Results, Photos and Wrap-up

Rack 'em up with

Freddy 'The Beard' Bentivegna, Part 1 & Part 2

Freddy 'The Beard' Bentivegna, Chicago's grizzled sage of One Pocket and Bank Pool, recently agreed to be interviewed by  A long-time action veteran, Freddy’s keen insight into the game, as well as his knack for story-telling, has made him one of Accu-Stats Video’s most popular guest commentators. He is just finishing a book entitled, Banking with the Beard, which will be available very soon.

Click here for part 1 of the Freddy Bentivegna interview

Click here for part 2 of the Freddy Bentivegna interview

Johnny Ervolino

One Pocket legend Eugene Johnny Ervolino

passed away at his home in Las Vegas February 19th, 2005 at the age of 69.


Click here for our Johnny Ervolino memorial page

Sonny Springer Interview

For years one of the South's best kept secrets at One Pocket, Sonny Springer was known for betting high back when ten dollars was equal to more like fifty today. To paraphrase Professor RH Gilmer, a lot of people would say they were looking for Sonny, but they didn't really want to find him, because they knew that if they did, the talk would stop and it was time to step to the table. spoke with Sonny at Grady Mathews' Gulf Coast Classic event in December, 2004.

Click here for the complete Sonny Springer interview

Click here for Snapshots from the 2005 Derby City Classic

Click here for Snapshots from Grady Mathews' 2004 Gulf Coast Classic

Norm 'The Farmer' Webber Interview

While known more for his trick shot exhibitions than for his One Pocket game, Norm spent eight years plying the tables at Cochran's in San Francisco from 1955 to 1963 -- just as One Pocket was coming out of the shadows and into the public eye under the bright lights of the Johnston City tournaments. Norm was inducted into the New England Pool and Billiard Hall of Fame in 1994. I had the pleasure of playing him regularly when he lived in Laconia, NH.

Click here for the complete Norm Webber interview!

Danny Di Liberto Interview

For years one of pool's top all-around players, Danny is one of the few original Johnston City champions still active in the game, although his main gig lately has been his commentary work for Accu-stats. Danny is just putting the wrap on a major book project in collaboration with writer Jerry Forsyth, which will be available soon.

Click here for the complete Danny Di Liberto interview!

Ronnie Allen Interview

Often cited as one of the greatest One Pocket players of all time, Ronnie is a natural for our One Pocket Hall of Fame, with enough all-around success to be a strong candidate for the Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame as well.

Click here for the complete Ronnie Allen interview!

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