Nolan Ryan has saved me a bunch of money.


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Feb 25, 2012
I was 100% certain Filler would beat Chohan but due to my Ryan experiance I never offered a wager.

I was living in DFW and following Rangers baseball. I was able to attend many games and caught the rest on tv or radio. Mark Holtz and Eric Nadel were a fantastic radio team.

Nolan Ryan was going to pitch against the White Sox I wanted to make a wager. I asked my buddy to make a 5g bet with his bookie. Well of course he responded with the facts:
1. You will have to post.
2. You never bet on sports why now and why so much?

Well I told him Ryan is getting better every outing. The Sox are hitting under .140 while the Rangers are pounding the ball. Tons of run support unlike Ryan's history with the Astros. The 5g was a wager because I wanted 10g for a purchase. I felt that strongly that this was a golden ticket.

Well level heads prevailed and I didnt bet. I dont recall the exact score and innings recaps but Ryan sucked and never made it out of the 3rd inning. The Rangers still managed to win the game like 17-18 .

My buddy and I watch the game. He commented would you have wanted to slit your wrists 3 times watching this on fold?