Night Rider


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Jan 15, 2015
My second or third time in Vegas, I was up late one night playing poker at Caesar's Palace in a 1/3 NL game which was odd, since most every other casino had a game that was 1/2 NL. I don't remember doing any good or bad... I must've broke even.

So I am leaving the place to walk back to the Bellagio, which was right next-door, but it was still a pretty good walk. That's what I guess I remember the most about Vegas - that each casino seemed so close because they were so large but it took a long time to walk from one the next. There was far less traffic than I would normally expect from Las Vegas, even in the wee hours of the night, but I didn't think much of it.

So I'm walking down the sidewalk a while, a very long while actually. Maybe too long, because I still don't see the Bellagio fountains, which I thought I would see quickly since I took the side exit of Ceasars, which I figured would save me some walking. Anyway then I hear this loud bumping of some car's stereo system. So I turn my head and I look to see where it's coming from, and I see this black sports was the coolest car that I have ever seen in my life and looked like something out of a poster. The windows were tinted black, so I couldn't see who was inside. It didn't matter because i'm sure whoever it was, they're probably used to getting gawked at driving around in that. The car was stopped at a red light, I think, because I remember staring at it for quite a while. I stopped walking or I was walking slowly so I could check out the car.

After I was satisfied, I continued walking down the sidewalk. Eventually the light turned green and the car caught up to me again. As it drove past me, I looked to see what kind of car it was. It was a Maserati! Time was going by so slowly. Wait, no the car was actually going by very slowly, which I didn't understand because there wasn't another car on the road.

Just ahead of me about 20 feet, there was a turn around, and that's where the car pulled in, stopped, and waited. After taking two more steps, I stopped. This was a real treat. I've never seen a Maserati before. I needed to process what was happening.

The driver side window came down. It was somewhat dark, but thanks to the illumination of the dashboard reflecting on the driver, I could see the driver was a woman. There was no one in the passenger seat. I couldn't see her face, but I saw her hair, which was done up like she was just in a wedding or something.

My pulse quickened, because I realized that she was waiting for me. It was then that I realized that there was nobody else within sight. After thinking at world record pace, I decided I wasn't going to stand there waiting any more. I turned straight ahead and walked past the car and continued down the sidewalk.

I was just past the turn around where the car was I heard the car peel out. I turned to look just in time to see it take off as fast as the car was made to accelerate. The car disappeared over a rounded bride in about two seconds, or maybe a dozen heartbeats, however you are supposed to measure these things.

Wait. Bridge? Where am I? Just past the bridge I could see a bunch of colors lighting up the casino in the distance. I'm an idiot. That's the Rio. How did I get off Las Vegas Blvd??

I had an extra long walk back to my room at the "O", so I had plenty of time to figure out that the side exit out of Ceasar's had confused me and put me on the wrong path. Then my patience allowed me to keep walking, even though it seemed like it was taking a while, no doubt thinking about a few poker hands that, if not folded, would have swelled up my pockets a bit.

But who was the girl??

I called up my buddy, who was in LV with me to play in the APA Masters 3 man. I asked him "Do you think a hooker would be able to afford to drive around in a Maserati?"

He replied "If I was a hooker in Vegas, I'd have TWO Maseratis!"