Jimmy Mataya - Timmy Heath - One handed 9-ball at DCC last year


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Dec 16, 2008
Heart of the Midwest
Popeye over at AZB posted some videos of the one-handed 9 ball Tim Heath and Jimmy Mataya were playing last year at the Derby. It started out with a coin flip for 500, which Heath lost, then they started playing 9 ball one handed for 500 a game. They're both doing a lot of barking between each other, although Timmy's bark tends to be repetitious and full of profanity. I've never been a fan of someone who has to f-this, mf that every other word, and the tired old "That's what she said" lines over an over.

If you notice, there is a Dr. in the audience, in case of any medical emergencies and you will also see our own Beard Man there too.

Is that Steve Lomako there too?

The kid can play one handed though. It appears that he is a better one handed player then Jimmy.

Here is the direct link to the player, just click on the thumbnail of the game to start it. If you want to view it in full screen, once you click the game and it starts playing in the viewer, click the You Tube logo and it will take you to the You Tube page and you can click the full screen button.


This is the link to his webpage
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