Doggone happy part 3


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Feb 25, 2012
So now i found myself with a 12 year old GSP and 2 family units with old Weimaraners. Maybe you have noticed we are partial to Weims? A registered pup is a grand. Should be 2 before you breed. Costs quite a bit to feed and vet a dog for 2 years. I am no dummy so... I looked for 4 months and found a 5yearold female with good breeding. Silver grey of course. Damn liberals are after blue and even longhaired dogs. Not the breed standard.
2500 later I have Anna in my home. Anna came from a breeder who had 8 of these full grown animals in her house. She assured me Anna was a sweet gentle house guest. She was emphatic thay Anna had to be crated when she comes into heat asshecould be aggresive towards other dogs. A common bitch problem no matter how many legs. Anna doesnt countersurf destroy property or make messes.
Well Anna was prob 25 pounds overweight,which is a lot for a dog who should be 65/70 pounds. Breeder free fed all her dogs. They didnt countersurf,they werent frickn hungry. I took Anna out to run,too fat to really start. Not really interested in any fieldwork or birds. Not birdshy or gunshy so there is hope.Ran/walked twice a day sometimesbyher self sometimes withhell on wheels.
It has been5 weeks now. 2 a days have paid off! She has gottenher nose up awild pheasants butt,and wanted more. After her and the other dog ran2 1/2 miles and walked 3 miles w me,she still wanted to run and play. That is the first time she has ever wanted to play. Her aggressiveness towards other dogs has been in check and her excessive licking is now manageable. Licking is a sign of stress so happy to quell it.
She stays in the house. In a crate by day,on thefloor next to my bed at night. Hell on wheels stays outside in kennel as she sporadically suffers incontinance. As I type this Anna is calmy enjoying outdoor kennel time.
Things arent perfect and problems yet to be solved but I am currently doggone happy.:)

Old photo of myself flanked by my brother in law and his son. Enjoying a beautifull fall day with Weims who are held dear to us.


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