Nick B

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May 25, 2004
Vancouver, Canada
Well after four wonderful days of One Pocket (T-Rex vs Dennis O) I have one major observation CFS (Change F$$$$$$$ Sides). We are talking about one of the greatest movers and shot makers (exotic shots) with more experience than I will ever have. FOR GOD SAKE TONY...CFS. Lets review:
1. Your opponent is making everything from everywhere.
2. Seems dialled in
3. His pocket looks a little more liberal than yours
4. Your pocket seems to hang more balls including ones that your opponent would scratch on
5. You seem to indicate that some balls rolled away from going in

CFS. CFS. CFS. I get we all like to go to side that we like to favor. Whether it's because of the break or we feel more comfortable making balls into that side. Your down 5 games or more and you still go back to that side. I just don't get it. I can't believe that someone on Team T-Rex didn't make him make the switch.

Having said all that it was an epic match.


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