Another Strictly 3C system


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Sep 17, 2008
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The 50% System​

The next two systems are very simple fixed cue ball and return systems. This means the player is going to hit the corner always, whether it is the short cushion first or long as the cue ball will return to a fixed position on the original cushion from which the cue ball departed. The English needed for these systems is constant 12 O’ clock English. The stroke should be smooth and fluid so as not to give pace to the cue ball. The formula is simple; whatever the distance the cue ball lays from the 1st cushion after contacting the corner the cue ball contact the same departure cushion 50% of its original starting point. The player measures the position of the cue ball through the diamond to the corner.

The Short Cushion first​

In Diagram 1 the cue ball position is diamond 2 from the 1st rail by aiming the cue ball to strike the corner short rail first, the cue ball returns to the 3rd cushion to diamond 3, (50 % of 2 = 1) a gain of 1 diamond further down from the cue ball position.

Note: The 3rd to 4th cushion return is always, '2X' the 3rd cushion arrival point. Third cushion arrival is 3 or 30 arrives at 6 or 60 on the 4th cushion.

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