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    John Henderson

    John, you are a true warrior you will be around forever..glad youre doing better do what you do best standing at the end. You are missed Bill Incardona
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    Danny DiLiberto needs help

    Steve, as you know, Danny and I are close friends. I don't expect you to match what I have given to Danny, as we are lifelong friends who would do the same for me if our lives were reversed. I admire you and have the utmost respect for your generous contributions in helping a true legend of our...
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    Danny DiLiberto needs help

    I talked with Danny 6 days ago and sent him a check which Danny can verfy. Would like to see the member that would match it do so it wpuld be wonderful. Steve you can call Danny to get the amount of the donation. Thanks. Bill Incardona
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    WWYD Romero vs McKay

    Being down -1 to 5 with how the balls are positioned forces me to bank the 10ball. I would either bank the 10ball playing shape for the 14ball or bank the 10ball drawing behind the 3ball. Not much of a choice for me. The only other viable option would be to play The Barbers shot, but IMO is a...
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    Happy Birthday Vapros!

    Happy Belated Birthday Bill. Dr. Bill
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    Happy Birthday, Mitch

    Happy Birthday, Mitch; go out to dinner with your family and after play some one pocket at Fuscos. Dr. Bill
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    I like pocketing the 3ball sending the cue ball cross table long of the side pocket close to the rail. This method of playing the shot could possibly end up blocking the 1ball with the two-spotted balls and if the cue ball is close or on the rail it reduces the ability of your opponent to...
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    Dennis vs. Busty -- premiering now!

    Thank you, Bob. You made my Saturday and Sunday much more enjoyable watching two of the best players that ever did it. Francisco played just about flawlessly as he dismantled what many believe to be the strongest One Pocket player in the world today. In all fairness, it's hard not to argue that...
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    Dennis vs. Busty -- premiering now!

    Game three; talking about "never giving up" starting at 1:24.00 to 1:30.00 that was unrelenting defensive tactics which finally ended but not without 100% effort to prevail. Great stuff. Dr. Bill
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    Dennis vs. Busty -- premiering now!

    Game two was a moving game where each player displayed great moving coupled with superb cue ball control. Orcollo played a perfectly executed shot at the 39;20 mark to put Busty in trouble which was followed by outstanding moves by both players finally ending at 45;55 with a perfectly executed...
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    Dennis vs. Busty -- premiering now!

    The first game was an outstanding display of top-notch execution it doesn't get any better than that..IMO. Dr. Bill
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    WWYD - Chohan vs. Filler #2

    I'm glad you mentioned that Chohan was not the player in this match I would have been puzzled trying to understand why would such an accomplished player choose an option that would leave an easy combination for his opponent, especially considering that he couldn't pocket a ball with his choice.😞...
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    Happy Birthday, Warren Ruth

    Happy Birthday, Warren, hope today and every day are good ones for you. Enjoy today. Dr. Bill
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    WWYD - Chohan vs. Filler

    The high right will kill the cue ball if you hit the 5ball thickly but with the hit needed on the 5ball (thin hit) you will get very little resistance with the cue ball after contact sending it quickly to the bottom rail then up-table finding a resting spot behind the 3ball. The right English...