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    Chohan v. Compton

    Excellent observation, your perspective is eye-opening and right on, however, Gorst is as solid as there are and I wouldn't sell him short which I know. Dr. Bill 😉
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    Happy Birthday Frank Almanza

    Happy Birthday to a class guy and player, have a great day Frank. Dr. Bill
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    Happy Birthday Bill. Where did all the years go? It's been a hell of a ride keep stroking. Bill Incardona
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    WWYD shot after the break

    That's my shot Bill. Dr. Bill
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    Just wanted to say big thanks...

    What about me Ghost? Dr. Bill
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    WWYD? #81,544

    Chris, in a situation where you can lose the game regardless of which option is chosen select the shot you feel you can pocket more often. I didn't feel Danny chose the wrong shot, however, I agree he could have opted to bank the 2ball but obviously didn't like it as much as the cut on the...
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    My Last Run of 15 playing the 1Pocket Ghost?

    Nice run Dave. It's been years since I ran fifteen balls and I don't expect it to happen any time soon. Lol. Hope you enjoy Florida and your new table. Dr. Bill
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    WWYD? #81,544

    The two aggressive shots that were brought up with banking the 2ball the other with playing off the 14ball while sending the 15ball into the 5ball deserve consideration, especially coming off the 14ball option. One thing that must be respected is the huge ball position the non-shooter has...
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    WWYD? -- #91005

    Freeze him on the 5ball while removing the 13ball as a return option. Dr. Bill
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    WWYD? #81,544

    Here's a very simple yet effective option. Following through the 14ball placing it on your side hidden behind the 5 and 13 balls. This shot just about forces an up-table game and compliments your 3/1 advantage. I also like several of the shots that were mentioned but just wanted to slide in a...
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    Our Own Tom Wirth Interviewed on Podcast

    Thoroughly enjoyed the entire interview Tom Tom knows his stuff which was evidenced not only in the interview but in his book as well. Great stuff Dr. Bill
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    WWYD End Game

    This is a very good option as described by beatle, perfectly I may add. If the 6 and 9balls weren't tied up then playing off the 1ball would be a mistake but that is certainly not the case. By pocketing the 1ball and positioning the cue ball close to the top rail on your opponent's side of the...
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    Happy Birthday, Chris, always a pleasure reading your post. Have a great day pal. Dr. Bill
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    WWYD here?

    Really no mystery here, shoot the 13ball and stick, take a seat. Playing off the 3ball is my second option not much of a difference just don't try to get aggressive, particularly the way the balls are positioned. Dr. Bill