Walking with giants

Ross Keith Thompson

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May 19, 2010
It was 1969, I was seventeen maybe and had a 66 T-BIRD was on the road with my friend Bobby Taylor.

In my early days Bobby and myself would take road trips to Dallas, Florida or whatever. So this time we headed thru New Mexico and Arizona, why I don't know but we did, it was a way to have fun!

My game was right on the edge of top tier and I was just days off my seventeenth birthday. We stopped in a pool room in Albaqurge.

I can't spell that city name and I'll commit Harry Keri if anyone says anything about my spelling!

Anywho, I play this short black guy, he has a beard, played one hole very well and walked around the table literally saying OH-BOY EVERY TIME IT WAS HIS SHOT. He was a classy guy and I've seen his picture with other Giants of the day, but we played all evening had him a few hundred looser all night just didn't take him off, if I did it wasn't much.

Wasted a whole day playing this guy! Didn't win gas money.

Next day we were in Phoenix, ran into Cole Dickson. Did not want any of that action, he had given me the call 8 in Houston, had me 19 games down, I was just a baby at 16 and ten percent Denny had steered me to him, That was LOW!

So to Tuscon we went the next day and met up with Bobbie's brother Alf Taylor.

We told him we hadn't made 50 since we left Houston, so he bought us a steak dinner at Pinnacle Peeks. Man what a steak dinner, best T=Bones in the country.

Next day met this guy Weldon Rogers, he was a south paw.

Played a nasty game on a bar table or big table, very polished player!

Well we told of our trip to Alfie and Weldon and running across this kid Cole Dickson.

Told Weldon the pool room owner would stake him to play anyone a thousand dollar session, man was Weldon ready to get some of Cole'

Myself and Bobby went with Weldon and Alf and steered Cole into Weldon.

Bobby and I only had about 160 left to gamble with and we put it all toward Weldons bet.

Man did we screw up, Cole ran racks all night, beat Weldon for 2 sessions at ten ahead for a grand. Weldon put up his nice cue and 600 cash to play another session.

Amazingly Weldon wore Cole out and got one session back before giving up for the night.

I called a friend of mine in Pasadena Texas and he sent us 50 to get home on.

My future good friend Cole Dickson beat me and Bobby for 160 and never new about it and I never told him in California a year later and thru Johnston City.
He wasn't my good friend yet so it was ok to try and trap him, right!?LOL

At least Bobby and myself got to watch one hell of a nine ball match and I met one cool black one pocket player I no by OH BOY, OH BOY, what is his name, some one has to know him, he has walked with giants!

NH Steve

Apr 25, 2004
Okay, I have met Alf (he sometimes posts here too), and heard of Jack Taylor, but not Bobbie. So there were at least three Taylor brothers in pool!


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May 24, 2004
Livin' on the edge and lovin' it. I wouldn't want to go there today, but I love reading about it. Thanks -


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Mar 19, 2007
not only do i like your stories but you have great taste in cars
66 T BIRD and 66 Chevelle SS 396 three speed on the floor,


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Dec 10, 2008
Okay, I have met Alf (he sometimes posts here too), and heard of Jack Taylor, but not Bobbie. So there were at least three Taylor brothers in pool!
There were 9/10 boys and 2 girls, 1 girl was killed early in an explosion at a chemical plant along the road to Pasadena in the middle 60's.
Sad stuff, she was working at the astrodome and had stayed for an extra inning game and was driving home at the wrong time.

Some very wealthy ones but only those three played pool.

Thier father invented "Taylor Way" polish, I believe Bobby is still in that business.