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Hi, this is Keith/Sappo. I have a 9 foot Diamond and I love the lights I put in. You can call me at 520 544 2764 if you want to discuss. Or face time me at helby.97@comcast.net Keith
Look forward to getting back to Chicago, saying hello to the Ghost and his lovely wife. Will bring money...

Ed Neves
ok you got it...ill probably see him this wek
Hey Doc. Im about to email you . Hope you are well. Im going to Jackson in the latter part of the year. Dont know how far it is from you. Take care.
Cincy, how does one send a private message to a member. I gather starting a conversation is public? Thanks Keone
Hey Keoneyo! It's actually just the opposite! :) So when you post a message here to my profile, it is public, whereas when you start a "conversation", it's only view by those invited to the conversation. This can be a private message between you and another or you can add others to it to make it like a group message. Hope this helps! I will send you one to test for you ~