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Hey OldSchool I didn't respond to your thread but I agree the site has taken a major step back. Hope you have a great New Year. Keith/Sappo
$150-200. Great idea. Do you remember the tournament at Diamonds Billiards in Dallas? $1000 entry fee with one buyback.
Billy let me enter for 500(which led to several more entrants) and I lost my first match to Chohan 3-2. Rebought for 500, won my next match, then
played Cliff on TV table - won 3-2. Then beat Gabe 4-1, eventually lost to Griffus. 1st Cliff, 2nd Billy, 3rd Roger, 4th me and Lizard.
The format leads to these kinds of David v. Goliath matches, and a lifetime of memories for guys like you that make that kind of run.
Dustin.......do you want paypal or a check? Let me know here. We will all survive this, no doubt.. :)