Tony Chohan's Kick Shot!

Dennis "Whitey" Young

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Jul 8, 2017
This is quite a match, and since the start these guys have been bringing some shots. But, Tony does one great kick shot, which comes up in a couple of innings. There is also a beautiful kiss shot at 19:20 by Danny, in which he is also playing a shape/safe! There is also another beautiful Tony kick and a Danny bank coming up in the first game.
2nd Game @ 36:00 another great bank. I do believe I am going to watch this entire match!
3rd. Game; Tony does some nice banks, his pocket speed coupled with accuracy is just outstanding.
The break by Danny in the 4th rack is just simply 'picture perfect'! Tony returns the favor with also a very nice break.
Danny can really cut balls thin.
Of course great commentating by Danny D. and Billy I. Enjoy! Whitey
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