T.J. Parker


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Dec 10, 2008
Happy coincidence.

We decided to pass through Little Rock on our way to Houston,
arrived early evening, still light.
Went to the Little Rock Cafe on the boundary river with North Little Rock.

The rec room had a lot of customers, Bojack and Barefoot Calvin Hargrave were there, asked about Tennessee Tarzan AKA Mike Massey, were told he'd left town.

8 ball game going for a beer, I put my coin up and a couple of games later I was up, won easily and then again, next fellow was a cowboy looking guy, 6 ft 2" Cockroach killer boots, tight legged Jeans and a pearl button shirt.

Bojack and Calvin asked him for bets, I said $10's a bet with me? he said OK, but no to the rail business. His name was Curly, he was a little tipsy.
Bojack got a chance and told me you might make a score here, if you do I'm in, Yeah OK.

I won the 1st game and he racked the table and didn't offer to pay, after what Bojack said I let it go. I won the 2nd and he racked and said $20, I glanced at Bo and he was rubbing his thumb and forefinger together, I said $20's a bet
Give me the $20 you owe.

He said "if you start hassling me about money, I'll shoot your ass."
I picked up a couple of balls and the cue ball, he asked whatcha gonna do with that?
You don't look like you got a gun in them jeans, if you find one I'm going to see if you're as good a catcher as Yogi Berra.
I was pretty brave, Jimmy had the puck from the shuffle alley and had eased closer to Curly.

Bojack chimes in, what's the matter with you Curly, you looking for a fight?
Curly looks up, what do you care?

Bojack says I'll fight you for all you got, Curly says, bet and started getting money outta those tight Jeans, it was dropping on the floor and in the booth with Calvin and Bo, they started helping him count it.

I never knew how much it was, I'm sure Calvin and Bo swung with all they could. After the cash was counted and Bojack matched it, Bo said one rule Curly "No Kicking", I mean it, kicking loses the money.

Out the back door of the cafe part, there were stairs down to a level place about 20x20 the back edge sloped down to the river.

Down the gladiators went and squared off, curley took of his shirt.
There was a mob of us around the door trying to see. I got there early and had a view.

Bo jabbed him with a left and Curly came with a looping overhand right, Bo moved inside and put him in a headlock.
They tussled a minute and Curly couldn't get away. Bo's hollering give up Curly, give up, then he hit him hard in the face with his open hand, after a couple of more minutes, and a few more pops in the face Curly gives up.

Everyone goes back in the rec room, Bo's buying beers for those around him and a happy time is being had by all, even Curly wasn't really hurt.

There are booths around two sides of the room and they're pretty full, one drunk guy is going from booth to booth telling the drinkers, you know I shoulda won that money, I was middleweight champ in the navy, that guy can't fight a lick.
After making his speech to 4 or 5 booths, he got to where Curly was sitting with Calvin and Bojack, well he didn't realize that he was talking to Curly who was sitting on the end.
In a flash Curly picked this guy up and slammed him into the pool table, the guy crumpled to the floor and Curly began kicking him, A few kicks to the jaw and temple, the guy was out and helpless. It looked like he might kick an eye out.

Curly was just getting warmed up.
I have often asked myself why? I grabbed Curly from the back, my arms around him and spun him around, when I did I was looking face to face at two North Little Rock Policemen.

One said turn him loose, I did. I said I was trying to stop him from kicking the guy's eye out, I pointed to the guy part way under the pool table. Bojack said that's right officer.
The cop asked me "where you from" I said 5607 Pershing, he said OK stand over there, pointed towards the entrance to the rec room and the front door. I did.

The other cop was now bent over the victim, my guy joined him.
I looked out the door and Jimmy had the car running and the passenger door open, he was waving at me. I bailed and we were gone.

5607 Pershing was my address in houston, I hadn't wanted to say I was from out of state, so I had played dumb, the next day Bojack told me Pershing was a residential street a couple of blocks from the main drag in North Little Rock.

BTW Bo wouldn't pay the twenty bucks from the pool game that started it all.
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Dec 10, 2008
As told to me by Bobby Parker.

Before T.J. went to work at Red's, he and his son Bobby were hanging around Cassidy's pool room on IH10. They were horsing around and rough housing while leaving one afternoon, Bobby bumped into a pair of bikers at the bar.

One guy said "Watch it Punk" Tee said sorry fellows, my fault I shoved him too hard.
The guy said watch your old antique ass, I might have to shove you too hard.
Tee said no problem we're leaving, guy said yeah get yore ass outta here, fore sumpen bad happens to ya.

Bobby told me he couldn't believe it, when they went out there were 4 or 5 Banditos leaning against the wall, bikes lined up in front.

T.J. went right to the car, opened the drivers side door and took his .45 from under the seat, put it in his belt in back, told Bobby, just stand out of the way.

He went back to the door and yelled to the mouthy one, come out a minute,the guys out here said it was your bike I hit.

The guy came roaring out, screaming you better not ahit my Bike. He was looking at his hog, Tee said Hey Bud, when he turned Tee hit him in the middle of his bandana, Hard. He dropped, Tee turned to his buds, calmly racked a shell into the barrel, said don't ! move back against the wall.

Bobby said he couldn't hear everything, but Tee paced back and forth in front of those Banditos Raving and ranting as he did when he went off the air, for a few minutes. As luck would have it good/bad, the leader of that chapter, The guy was called Sprocket, he rode up and parked his bike.

Tee told him get over here with your asshole buddies, he did, and started to try to reason with Tee.
Tee said I know you, I know where you live, the house with all the junk in the yard. If I ever hear of you or your club bothering either of my boys, I'll kill you, your wife, your dogs, anybody else there at the time and burn your house down.

Do you believe me you sorry excuse for a tough guy, tell me and I might not shoot you right now, you POS. He said yes I do believe you. Tee started pacing again, walked up and down ranting at all bikers for a few more minutes, then said "Lets go Bobby" and they left. The first guy was still out on the curb.

As Paul Harvey would say now "The rest of the story"

Around 7 years later I was arrested for Gambling and in the county Jail, T.J.'s ex wife Mary was a nurse there. Bless her heart when see saw me she said, later. Every Saturday morning she had me called down to the nurses station.
We'd have fresh coffee, donuts and chat about this and that.

I asked if Bobby had told her that story ? She said he had, sprocket had been in county a few years before, she asked him about it ?
He said he'd been around many crazy people, but had never been that scared before. He said Tee had the wildest look in his eyes he'd ever seen, and he thought he was gonna die that day.

Picture, thanks to Bill Porters great site Smugmug. Circa 1983 Reds tourney


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Dec 10, 2008
Parkers and Tano.

I received an e-mail from a member, copied below.

" I also remember a handicapped player. Small, thin and may have been Hispanic. He did not have a complete right arm and would grip the handle of the cue in his armpit. His left arm was not complete but longer. Do you remember his name? He seemed to always be gambling. "

Taitano Carrillo is my friends name, he's a very nice man and talented pool player.

He was there when Bille and Casey came on Wednesday.
I told Casey this story about Tano.

A player, Jason from Des Moines, was in Houston a while, he was working for a Oncology company.
He played very good 9 ball, played with David G, Aaron Salinas (Senor)
Jim Perry, all very good players.

He came to the room and wanted to play one pocket, said he needed to learn.
Tano said well you'll need to give me a spot but we can play. They agreed on 11/7 Tano won $100, next day they changed the game 10/7 Tano won $100,
Third day 9/7 Tano won $200.

A few day went by Jason came, said I don't know why I spot you, we need to play even. Tano said no way. I was there I said I'll stake Tano to play even.

How much, I don't care, whatever.
He said and we play dead even? Jason is 6'3'' Tano is about 5'

He said how about $500, I said OK, he said dead even,
I said yes, you both shoot holding the cue stick under your arm.

Jason got embarrassed, his face turned red and out the door.

The rest of the story, Jason inherited money moved back to Des Moines and became a major player for the hustlers on the circuit.

P.S. Tano is the most amazing thing I've seen in pool, much more amazing than the Palominos.

Picture from Jersey Red's posthumus entry into One Pocket. org. hall of fame.


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Dec 10, 2008
T.J and credit.

I ran into T.J.'s son Bobby today and we rehashed some old stories.
Bobby said and I agreed that most would not be believed.

One that's a good one is T.J could not finance an automobile.
His credit report said the auto wouldn't be able to be repossessed.

Some time in the 60/70's he bought a car from Al Parker buick, I guess his credit was iffy because he was about 5 weeks behind
on his payment, I don't know if it was a cash flow problem or an oversite or what.

They repossessed his car, when he got up and found his car missing he called the police, they checked and told him his car had been repossessed.

He got a ride to the dealership and went in the GM's office. He told the man have his car washed and bring it around to the front
because someone had stolen it and the police said it was there.

The GM noticed the pistol in his belt and asked what is that for?
He said I thought maybe you'd have the repo man come talk to me and some of those guys are kinda rough.

The guy thought he could handle Tee, said sorry but getting your car isn't possible.
Tee wound his hand up in the guys tie , told him if my car is not out there in 30 minutes, I'm gonna put knots on your head that'll
take an ant a week to crawl around.

The guy called the porter and told him to get busy. Tee sat there and waited til they washed his car and brought it around.

He finished paying for the car but could never finance another.
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Dec 10, 2008
Parkers and Tano

In about 1974/75 Coors put on a tourney in Houston, The top few finishers went to Las Vegas to play in a tourney with people from
around the country.

My friend Tano placed 2nd in the Houston tourney and went on to play in Vegas, at the Tropicana. The tourney was played on 4x8

His 1st match, a race to 5, he won the lag and broke and ran 4 racks.
The 5th game he broke dry and left his opponent straight in the side.
The guy was so intimidated he missed.

After his win Fats was there talking to a crowd and UPI was there, if you can believe it Fats excused himself and went over and congratulated Tano.
Tano got some nice press after that.

Tano beat the next 4 guys he played, he needed one more win to get in the money.
Unfortunately he drew Richie Ambrose and lost to him.

An amazing feat for a man holding the cue stick under his arm, shooting off the rail or using the bridge.
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Dec 10, 2008
T.J. and police

I alway had a suspicion that Tee was paying the police, I never knew for sure.

I mentioned my friend Little Larry in a previous post, he was visiting
myself and Tee, . Larry was a card player, bookmaker and sometime debt collector.

He and I were in the lounge having a beer when 2 plain clothes police came in and told him, we want to talk to you.
Larry said fine, I'm here on vacation, I live in south Texas, what can I do for you ? We know who you are and where you live, we want
you to come downtown and answer some questions.

Am I under arrest ? No but you're coming with us now. Larry said no, I don't want to go, each cop grabbed an arm and marched him
out the front door.

I sped in the back and told Tee, He put his pistol in back in his belt and went out the rear door.

2 or 3 minutes later Tee comes back leading Larry by the arm and say's "don't worry about it" finish your drink and take your time.

I went back in the lounge and asked Larry what happened.

He said they were just getting to the car, they had to park near the back because the pool room was full.

He said Tee came out and said hold it fellows "you can't take my customers out of here," Larry said Tee put a hand in each of their
chests and gave a push away, then took my arm and led me back inside.

When he turned to come back inside the pistol was in plain site, so I guess they had no warrant and no choice, but to let it go.
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Dec 10, 2008
T.J. and the police

Quick stories, one I was a witness, the 1st I heard when I went to work there.

Tee had a fellow called Slim working for him. Slim liked to play pool and played pretty well.

He was playing early one day with a stranger and got his tit in a wringer, he couldn't believe the guy could beat him.
He lost all his money and then all the cash in the register.

He then tried to borrow enough to refill the register, the player said "no way"
The customers wouldn't come up, it was nearing time for T.J. to show.

Slim went in the kitchen, took a big butcher knife and left, he went down the street to a bar where everyone knew him,
robbed the bartender for only the amount that he was short.

Came back, put the money in the register, knife in the kitchen, left the register key with a customer, went outside,
sat down on the curb, waited for the police to come.

The 2nd incident.

There was a traffic accident right in front of the pool room, we heard the crash, went outside. No one hurt much, one car not
drivable, we were talking to the drivers about nothing really, the police came, told everyone to go about their business.

Most left, Tee and Bobby and me were still watching, policeman pointed at us, said get back inside.

Tee said this is my place of business, I pay the rent here, I'll go in when I'm ready.
Policeman said I'll take you to jail.

Tee told him" I've been in jail more days than you've been to work"
Now the cop's shaking his head like he couldn't believe it.

Tee said " it'll take more than your narrow ass to take me to jail"

The ball was in the cops court, he just walked back and started talking to the drivers.
We hung around a few more minutes, went back inside.
The end.


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Dec 10, 2008

I was always too warm, Duke was always too cool.
He often worn a sweater in the summer because the A/C in the LeCue worked well.
When I heard he had Heart surgery, I wondered if it had been a lifelong problem.
My problem was high blood pressure, never wore a jacket til 1973.

A little road story about our friend Duke, Tall Jimmy, and myself were on a short bankroll, we talked Duke into a little trip, he'd made
a nice score and was flush. 1st stop Baton Rouge. A fellow had a pool room on Plank Rd. Jimmy and I had both played him,
he was a sport, would play a stranger 9 ball.

Jimmy and I went in about 6PM, they said he'd be back around 7:30pm, we'd left Duke in the car. We decided to get a room and a
We found a motel that had a Pepsi machine about 1 mile and 1/2 away and checked in. Two double beds was all they had.

After our meal Jimmy went to the motel, Duke and I went back to the pool room.
I stayed in the car reading while Duke went in, about an hour or so later Duke came out and got his cue, said the guy
was ready to play. I gave Duke the car keys and said I'll walk to the room, bring the car when you get through.

He went inside and I got on the heel and toe express and went to the room.
I was hot and sweating when I got there and took a shower to cool off. Jimmy and I were in the rack watching sports wrap on TV.

Duke came in about 3 hours after me, happy as a clam.
He'd won $500 and said the guy was real nice.
Duke had a shower and we were all piled up in bed watching the TV.

The bed Duke and I had was near the front where the window A/C was, Jimmy had to have a bed to himself, at that his head turned sideways like his neck was broken.

At lights out the A/C was on high, I was still warm from my walk, Duke was under the covers, I was on top of them.

I awoke around daylight because I heard a key rattling in the door lock.
As I've said before I've always wanted to kill a maid, I grabbed my pistol and snatched the door open, nobody there, I stepped
outside and looked around. No one in sight. As I started back to bed I heard the noise again.

It was Dukes teeth chattering.

On to Jackson Miss next.
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Dec 10, 2008
Duke, TJ, Rod.

Left Baton Rouge, went on to Jackson, Sounds like a song.

We were hungry, didn't stop till we got to Jackson Miss.
In a hotel downtown some Greeks had a restaurant, Jimmy and I loved the food. All kinds of southern cooking, ham steak with red eye gravy, summer peas and baked squash. All cajun seafood dishes, fine steaks, anything else you want.

We fueled up, went and checked into Bakers Motel, he had a pool room next door.
A good bit of gambling there besides pool, domino tables with card rocks available.
We stayed 4/5 days, Duke beat everybody that would play pool, including some strangers we didn't know. Nice scores ! Jimmy beat all players who would play Gin, I won a few hundred playing in a knock poker ring game.

We went to a bar spot and I went in 1st the unknown pool players were there. They didn't know Jimmy, he'd been in the back
playing Gin while they played Duke, I wave Duke in, told Jimmy wait in the car about 15 minutes, then come in and challenge
the bar to play 9 ball.

Duke got up and beat him about 6/7 games for $20 then $30 a game. Jimmy quit and the stranger jumped on him for $30 a game.
Bad move !

The night before we left town we went in the cafe at the Motel.
There was a Bream mounted on the wall, I'd never imagined one that size, it must've weighed 4 pounds.

Baker came in and told us a long story about catching that fish. I told him I thought it was a fake, he immediately wanted to bet
it was real. I asked if it was a record and he said he didn't know.

He finally fessed up and said he got it when they drained his ranch tank, said probably not a record if not caught on tackle.

I said you told us a story about catching it, he said yeah, but I was just playing. I liked him for that.

Next day we rolled out going to Grenada Miss. there was a room owner, named Cecil that would play.

I had the A/C in my old Pontiac on full blast, I kept a king size pillow in the back if anyone wanted a nap. I glanced in the mirror and
Duke had both arms stuck down in the pillow case. Still cold.

Jimmy and I started ribbing Duke about the food, I said we went 4 or 5 times to the best restaurant anywhere close and all you ever ate
was a Club sandwich.

Duke said "Well I imagine, it was the best Club sandwich I ever had"
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Dec 10, 2008
Parkers and Bob Sanders

Bob was one of the few who didn't walk softly around T.J
They were old friends, Tee told me most of the reasons he got barred from Galveston county, was really Bob who had done what Tee was blamed for.

They were similar in size, Bob a little taller and Tee a little heavier.
They were often mistaken for the other when younger.
They were both involved in the cat houses in Galveston.

Along with Claude Paulus and wive Lilla, who I mentioned before was convicted in the John Hill murder case. The subject of a book by Tommy Thompson "Blood and Money"

When LBJ came in power Bob was doing 300 + years in TDC. His uncle Joe Sanders was LBJ's right hand man, they got Bob pardoned.

Bob had learned to make teeth in Huntsville and soon opened Southern Dental Labs in Houston. He found his old girl from Galveston, Carol, married her they began to build a larger business in Houston and the surrounding Counties.

Bob came in TJ's and noticed Tee new wife Mary was pregnant.
He said "Well old man I see you've hired an Exercise boy for your wife, I doubt you can get a hard on.

Tee said just for that I'm gonna name him after you.
His son Bobby's legal name is William Robert Parker, same 1st 2 names as Bob.

This is the background, more about Bob S. later.


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Dec 10, 2008
Parkers and Bob S.

Bob was a huge boxing fan as was Tee, they always had ringside seats.
All the managers and everyone connected with the sport knew them both.

Bob had some extra tickets, he invited 4 of us to go with. We met at the pool
room downtown next to his office's and started having some libations.

We were all feeling pretty good, we decided to go in Bob's cadillac.
Bob was a terrible driver when drinking, we had only gone 4/5 blocks when he
cut off a guy in a vette.

The guy sped up, went around us, slammed on his brakes, somehow we didn't
hit him.

The guy jumped out, ran back to the caddy and started cussing Bob.
Bob got out, began apologizing. I was in the front seat I got out and stood by
the front fender.

The guy was walking back to the vette and noticed me, said I see you got
some help, it's a good thing.
I said no, no I'm just trying to save your life.

Bob turned to get back in the car, Guy said "It's a good thing you're such an
old Fart or I'd kick the shit outta you both.

Bob spun around walked straight to the guy and hit him with a straight right.

The guy went on top the vette and slowly begin to slide down on the hood,
he was out. I said let's see about him, Bob said get in the car, leave the fool
there, we don't want to be late for the prelims.

My first episode of Bob in action, I'll say he tried to apologize.
More later.


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Dec 10, 2008
Bob and more.

We were at the pool room next to Bob's office on main st.

Couple of my kissing cousins from east Texas dropped in.
Not sure what kissing cousins are, not to close to marry I think,
we were far removed, related never the less.

Bob came after office hours, had a comp membership to a new
private club, "Daddy Burke's" would we like to go ? You bet !

Two owners of the pool room Don Singletary, Joe "doughbelly" Sinclair,
Chuck Harrelson, Van Goodrum, Bob and myself piled in Joe's suv, we gone.

The club was very nice, scantily clad ladies abound, game room in front as we came in, no pool though, joint to classy for that. Two putting machines, darts a shuffle alley.
8 or 9 suits inside, 1 sport coat, we were under dressed.

We got a table, ordered drinks and started bull$hitting some of the ladies.
After a couple of rounds Chuck, joe and Van go back into the game room.

A while later we hear raised voices, hollering coming from the game room,
the rest of us go up to see what's what. We went in and saw Chuck arguing with the sport coat, little guy with a deep voice.

Doughbelly, ever the peacemaker is behind Chuck, holding him by the arms.
The growling continues, suddenly Chuck hits the guy, he goes stumbling back,
Doughbelly goes sailing to the right into a empty table and chairs.
Hell of a crash.
Van wades in swinging behind Chuck who is already busy with a couple of suits.
Someone throws a beer bottle at Chuck, misses and hits Bob. It was like a shark who smells blood in the water, he waded in there and it was over before Don and I could get Joe up.

Everybody was out or faking it in about 2 minutes, Chuck, Van and Bob the only ones standing.

When Bob's temper went down, he said let's go, they have surely called the cops, He walked up and calmly ask for our tab, paid and we left ASAP.

When we got back to the pool room, Joe discovered his wallet was lost.
He said I'm going back to see if I can find it, Don and I went with him.

We saw no police cars, walked in the club, some girl yelled
"Oh My God it's them"
We told the bartender Joe lost his wallet, guy says "you Sinclair" Joe nods, the guy hands him his wallet, Joe starts looking through it, I grab him, say thanks a lot and drag him outta there.

Don asked a girl if the cops had been there, she said Burke said not to call'em. Joes money was gone but everything else was there. He never carried much cash anyway.
We wondered why the cops hadn't been called, found out months later.
Burke was arrested and charged with child pornography.

More about this later.


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Dec 10, 2008
Bob S.

One morning about 2 weeks after our episode at Daddy Burkes, Bob showed at the pool room next to his office.
The pool room had sandwiches and soups and not much more.

He said lets go over to the card room, I've heard they have good chow.
OK so we took off walking about 6 blocks away.

The card room was run by Jack Strauss, it was upstairs over Timmy Chans
Chinese restaurant. Jack had a deal with the chef at the restaurant, and the food was very good everyday. No choice, take what was on the menu, it was always great.

We had just sat down to eat when the vice squad showed, took every bodies
Driver's license and called downtown for any outstanding warrants.

A bank robber had been coming in and losing big money playing poker, and gin they had his picture and were trying to locate him.

Jack said if he comes in and loses all his cash, we'll call the FBI, not before.

The vice cop told Bob put your hands behind you, you're going to Jail, we have a warrant for your arrest, we've been looking for you.

Bob said Looking for me ? I have 3 business's in town and a corporate office a few blocks away on main street.
You're not taking me to jail, here's my business card, whoever's looking for me can call and I'll come down and talk to them.

They said we have a complaint that you knocked "Dick Dobbin's teeth out,"
I thought Bob would say it wasn't me.
Bob said have him come over and I'll make him some new ones.

Dick Dobbin was a popular Disc Jockey, he was the deep voiced sport coat.

Put your hands behind your back. !

Bob said if you try to arrest me, there's gonna be a hell of a shit storm.
Call Waycott, Kenneth or Weldon, I forget which one, they were the brothers that were tight with T.J.

Bob said give Rodney his license so we can go, the officer said "you dont want yours" Bob said give it to whoever's gonna call me and make me an appointment to come downtown.

Bob grabbed me by the arm and said "lets go" we walked out and back to the pool room.

They just let us go. I couldn't believe it.