"Raising the Hustler" -lock or not?


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Sep 8, 2012
Hello all,
Let's say you knew someone had taken the time to find,
then travel,
then interview and film the greatest players in the world,
both on and off the table, in action and in tournament play,
those passed on (32 have passed by my count, and of those 32, 28 on film) and those still living,
as well casual life and personal moments and did the same thing with the industry side of pool
and then
went to the professional golfers at the FedEx Cup-Cog Hill to draw comparisons between our sports (and then meet a 6'4'' Gail Boudreaux, former WPGA and WNBA star and her family-who play pool-who now is currently the President of United Health Care Insurance IL.)
and then
go with Barry Hearn, the owner of Matchroom Sport to
The World Dart Championships to show how Barry Hearn turns a tournament into an event, as myself and Brandon Shuff and 4 of the producers of "Britain's Got Talent", "X Factor" and the owner of 888.com watch the spectacle that is a Matchroom Sport production as well as 2 years unfettered access to every Matchroom event around the globe, including practice room moments, before and after matches, dinners and behind the scenes moments.
now take a girl who grew up in the Chicago rooms
where TCOM were filmed, watching and playing pool with the legends of the sport like "Bugs", "Jet" Billy I, Larry S., Chris G., Joey G., Freddy B., "Piggy", Sang Lee, Rafael M., Rudolfo L., Santos S. to name a few
Now, instill in her the desire to elevate the sport to the level that it merits and prevent her beloved mentors from ever dying broke and penniless again, by the woes of life or by their own hands.

I am blinded by my love for all of you, even the most wretched pessimistic, unappreciative, cons, knockers and haters.
There is love in my heart for you, because you've had to endure,
even if that meant giving up your dignity, your morals and your loyalties to chase a dollar or to chase a thrill or both.

I have had people from within our community piss on my parade,
saying that we weren't worth investing consideration in or saving.
"We" aren't worth it?

We have some of the greatest talent and thinking minds in the world,
strong enough to rival the military strategists of any country
and we're not worth it???

It is because I know pool,
I love pool and the people who play, the way I do,
that I have spent the time, money, and energy to film these moments.
I am sitting on 7years and 600 hours of gold that I am creating
"Raising the Hustler" from with The Making of RTH" chapters to follow that couldn't be included in the film.

So my question to you is-
how many of you feel this is a "lock"



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Dec 13, 2004
the question

the question

the question isn't about whether it is a lock or not... the question is how can I help you...


ps by the way I think military strategist comments shouldn't be about strategy but political will... there is a large difference...


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Apr 12, 2012
Almost a year down the road, is your project still in the works? I am sure many of us here might commit to an advance purchase, if raising funds is needed, or to offer our help in any other way we can.

Your project is a lock as described, I think, at least for those of us who frequent 1P.org. Add in the crazies at AZB and the market gets larger. Then go to working pros, other tourney players, cue builders, pool gear manufacturers, overseas markets such as Europe, the Phillipines, and the Far East, and with all those groups adding their bit the size of the market starts to steamroll.

The big market might come from League players, League operators. League front offices... any or all of these League groups can make a big difference. It does not matter which League takes the first step, just so they all eventually become part of the market segment. Finally, go through the Amazon e-book process to introduce your project to that large group of readers.

With multiple markets you could easily have a self-sustaining operation. But looking for a lone group as small as we here at OnePocket.org is not a good bet, no matter how much the project excites us - there are just too few warm bodies to make a huge difference.


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Feb 16, 2014
This is a very forward-thinking project. Might be useful for making pitches to corporate sponsors as well. I for one would be highly interested in helping out should it be needed.