Pirated One-Pocket Videos


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Aug 20, 2004
I ordered what was purportedly an Accu-stat DVD of a couple one pocket matches (1995 Roanoke Parica vs. Matthews and 1998 Legends of one pocket Hall vs. Reyes)from a user on ebay named kye_lin. I waited and waited and waited, and nothing showed up, so I lodged a dispute w/ PayPal. They emailed the seller and he finally got back to me saying that he had sent it and would I please retract my complaint. Well, the disc showed up yesterday and it was a bootleg, pirated copy of some Accu-stats tapes captured onto DVD. I called the guys at Accu-stats and talked to a nice gentleman named Pat and told him that someone on eBay was ripping them off. Because this guy lives overseas (Hong Kong or China, not sure which) he said there wasn't much they could do about it. I left the guy some bad feedback on eBay, but there wasn't much else I could do either. Then I called PayPal and complained. After I explained the situation, they refunded me my money. Anybody ever experience this? Support the real products, eh?

A1 NutZ

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Jul 2, 2004
Accu-Stats only makes very few tapes on actual legit dvd's. I believe the only thing Pat makes on dvd is the last 2 years' US Open 9 ball tourneys, last year's Derby City Classic and a World 3 Cushion championship. Out of those he only puts the matches that figure to sell on dvd's as they are not worth the cost to get them done if they don't sell. He has to send them out to get them made, as they have an on-screen menu and such. Pat is a very good guy and I hate to see him get ripped off like that. (Lord knows I've probably kept food on his table for a year with the money I've spent on Accu-Stats.) I think he only has 2 or 3 one-pocket matches on dvd's and like I said all of the matches are new, so you wouldn't see something from 94 or 95 on a dvd. I always call him and order the real deal. Support small business!
Andrew Allman