Denver, Colorado

James Nelson

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Jul 1, 2004
Only place to get some serious One Pocket action is Table Stakes off of 20th and Sheridan. This is the place to come, you can get action in any game at any time it is open 24-7 and there is always someone willing to play. The best thing about it is the different kind of action. all levels from beginner to pro. If your ever in town look me up I'm alway willing to play. If your pro I will still play you with the right spot i'll play anybody, but won't we all.
There are numerous poolhalls in Denver like ,B-52's and rails and ales, but only three have high stakes Shakespeare's if your into nine ball and stright pool. Paradise if you like gulf,nine ball and one pocket same with Table Stakes, But Table stakes is the only one open 24-7. Denver has some tough players. It hard to be a AA and make money in Denver. But if your pro you will due just fine.

a brand new pool hall opened up, TableStakes South. Top of line in tables and also has a nice place eat inside. Beautiful set up, was told by Danny Medina that this is the best pool in the nation. Frank the owner told me he was going to bring the pro's back to Denver. :D
James Nelson 22 and got nothing to lose.
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Oct 3, 2005
Is Danny Medina still in Denver? If so and you run into him, would you please ask him to get in touch with Butch in San Antonio Tx. I would really appreciate it.