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    Baby Huey's OP Shot!

    I remember that from Billiard Digest...but could not make it.
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    Ghost vs. Mike 4 - end game - wwyd?

    Trying to move balls away has a high percentage of unfavorable consequences. A one rail kick behind the 5 ball is more than just is just smart.
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    It is also Bill Smith's (mr3cushion) Birthday!

    Happy, happy young man
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    dennis vs tony

    The Ghost is the best the 3 up by the side pocket.
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    Ghost vs. Barry 8 wwyd?

    Then his next shot is to roll in...
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    Ghost vs. Barry 8 wwyd?

    Definitely roll the 2 in.
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    One Pocket Videos and TV Pool Balls

    I have not played with the newer balls....could you explain "the technology behind them"?
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    One Pocket Videos and TV Pool Balls

    Since videos of pool are becoming much more popular with exciting challenge matches, professional commentary, great video equipment, etc., I have one complaint. The use of TV balls. Even the commentators are confused when trying to explain shots and strategies. I hesitate for a moment paying...
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    John vs. Barry 3 - responding to the break - wwyd?

    Bank the 3 into the 1 and lock the cue ball to the 9-13.
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    3 day rule discussion/moving on!

    Or the cue ball was slightly heavier than the object ball....
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    Running out 3 wwyd?

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    Rules question!

    Not to upset anyone...but this is getting to be more confusing than bar room 8 ball... We need standardized rules.
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    My newest of my new videos

    Very informative for me...many thnks
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    Ghost vs. Ray 4 wwyd?

    I would rethink the intentional foul. Roll the cue ball straight to the short rail by his pocket so the cue ball stops in front of his pocket. Then he can not shoot the 11 nor does he have a good shot with the spotted ball. Just think if he tries to shoot the spotted ball...what will he leave...
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    New Layout

    To me the blue font is faded and difficult to read. I do need more time to get adjusted to the format. Thanks for all the hard work and effort. Tennessee Joe