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    US One Pocket Players Only- 70's to Present

    I'm pretty sure I took that one.
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    Coronavirus and old geezers (like me and you)......

    You can't be serious. Totally untrue. You think unscientific kooks know more about covid-19 than virologists or epidemiologists?
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    Coronavirus and old geezers (like me and you)......

    If you're interested in what actual virologists and epidemiologists think about how Covi-19 is going to play out:
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    Official 2020 One Pocket Hall of Fame Nominations

    1. Alex P - no brainer 2. Jean-Robert Bellande (Tall Bobby) - who's drummed up more action?
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    DCC schedule confusion

    On the 2017 DCC main schedule webpage it lists Sunday Jan 22 as the One Pocket Draw and first day of play. But, when one clicks on the one pocket selection on the menu on the left on that page, another page pops up and lists Jan 24 as first day of One Pocket. Which is it?
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    Another road player spotted in Santa Monica

    Seemed to be laying down some kind of wedge:
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    Another road player spotted in Santa Monica

    Told Big Phil his name was Cesar Morales.
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    Road player spotted in Santa Monica

    Sported a beard and seemed to have a Kentucky accent.
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    The Ghost's T-Shirt modeled in Vegas

    Keone modeling the Ghost's one pocket T-shirt in Vegas. Keone is competing in the World Series of Poker.
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    Sad news: J.J. passed

    Sad news. Pool action video pioneer, J.J. Jenkins just passed. He videoed tons of tournament and after hours action pool in the Los Angeles area. He had a special love for one pocket and even managed to capture on video that historic one pocket race to 5 match between Cecil Tugwell and Efren...
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    House wins in Santa Monica

    Santos Sambajon v. Rich Rich Grenier.
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    Efren playing in Santa Monica now...

    ... against one of Santa Monica's best.
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    Mark Twain's advice to escape a trap

    CUSHION FIRST When all your days are dark with doubt; And drying hope is at its worst; When all life’s balls are scattered wide, With not a shot in sight, to left or right, Don’t give it up; Advance your cue and shut your eyes, And take the cushion first. -- Mark Twain
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    Efren playing Bobby E live at Hardtimes

    POV Pool:
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    Livestream One Pocket from California Billiards Kentucky Bill commentating on the tourney.