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The first 5 years of Johnston City

from Chalk Up!

1963-1965 Articles

Edited by Steve Booth; clippings generously contributed by Frank Brent; reprinted with permission


The much anticipated 1963 Johnston City

tournament got both a big build-up of publicity,

and a lot of press coverage of the actual event --

including the first ever One Pocket on TV!



The results from the 1963 Johnston City All Around tournament.  The '63 event was covered by Sports Illustrated, CBS Television, as well as several other magazines and newspapers.

Chalk Up! also reported an all-around event held in Tampa Florida in 1964,

that drew a pretty big field of top notch One Pocket talent!


Results from the 1964 Johnston City All Around event.

This Chalk Up! issue did not give a breakdown of each

event -- just the all around money standings. 

Announcement for the 1965 Johnston City event


Brief report from the 1965 Johnston City event

The all-around results for the first Jansco Brother's Stardust Hotel event in 1965. Again, only the all around money list, but what a who's who of 60's legends!


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