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Chalk up!

1961 Johnston City


1962 Johnston City


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The first 5 years of Johnston City

from Chalk Up!

Edited by Steve Booth; clippings generously contributed by Frank Brent; reprinted with permission

Chalk up! was a trade publication distributed by A.E. Schmidt.  These news clippings are all from

their first five years -- coinciding with the first five years of the Jansco Brother's tournaments.


The very first Johnston City tournament, held in 1961, was only One Pocket.  It wasn't until the following

year that the Jansco Brothers expanded the event to create their famous all-around format.

Tournament promoters George and Joe (Pauli) Jansco stand in front

of the leader board early during the original 1961 One Pocket event.  Looks like only 12 players, yet the event was scheduled to  run for

nearly three weeks!

These might be the

very first modern published rules

for the game of One Pocket!

The results of the 1961 Johnston City One Pocket tournament.

Here is another photo from the original '61 Johnston City event.  Courtesy Frank Brent (from Lloyd Welcome)

(Having trouble identifying the players?  Click here to see a 'key' to their identities! )

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