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1961 Johnston City


1962 Johnston City


1963 to 1965





The first 5 years of Johnston City

from Chalk Up!

The 1962 Articles

Edited by Steve Booth; clippings generously contributed by Frank Brent; reprinted with permission.


1962 marked the first year for the all-around format at the Jansco Brother's Johnston City event.

The news announcement of the 1962 first annual

all-around Johnston City tournament.


The tournament format for the first Johnson City all-around event in 1961.


By 1962 the rules had expanded quite a bit, and they include the "three foul rule"!


Results from the 1962 Johnston City all-around -- 9-ball and Straight Pool winner Luther Lassiter also won the all-around playoff, while Marshall 'Squirrel' Carpenter won the One Pocket division.

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