Mike D knows what's up with multi rail banks

Bob Jewett

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Jan 26, 2005
Berkeley, CA
For both the Vernon Elliott bank and cutting the OB off the spot from the jaws of your opponent's pocket, the first step is to use much more sidespin than the vast majority of pool players ever use. It does not take any special talent or stroke. An APA 4 asked me about the spot-cut and I had him try it. "No, more side spin." He moved over a little. "No, more side spin." He moved over to where he was sure he was going to miscue. Within a few tries he cut the ball 110 degrees. Really. It didn't move far but it moved towards the end rail. The pocket is at 93 degrees of cut.

There is no cue ball jumping on either shot. Well, maybe a little since you are jacked up a little, but it is gone by the time the cue ball gets to the object ball. Jacking up only hurts the shot due to the masse.