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    Happy Birthday Col Bille!

    Thanks guys....haven't been on the site for a while....
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    I don't think we have ever met...but the "Beard" really liked have a drink on me in...

    I don't think we have ever met...but the "Beard" really liked have a drink on me in Memphis... COL Bill
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    2022 Bogies Seniors

    I pickled at an early age...Make it to
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    Thought process

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    Thought process

    Okay, so this is what I think about when I play...which hasn't been too often lately 1. What can I make, can I run more than one, what are the percentages of making the shot, what can I move the cue into to get another shot...does this shot risk the entire game...yes, I play a little...
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    WWYD right after the break

    I like long rail, short rail touch the 5...chance of scratching though...but the line is perfect through the diamond...
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    Efren's knowledge

    I think if you asked Efren about the shot, he would smile, raise his hands and say "I got lucky"....have personally seen him do that after some incredible shots.
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    Just wanted to say big thanks...

    Welcome back...
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    Official Entry Thread for 2022 Member's Tourney @ Q-Masters

    Okay, so after reading this, i hope I qualify...Most of you might be surprised at my fargo but it is for 9 ball and 10 ball...I am not driving and will be there either wed or thur...I know it is unusual for me to fly... Matt I will get you the entry this weekend, and I need a 2xl shirt now...I...
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    yes doc within the year I hope...
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    who were/are your one pocket heroes?

    I was extremely lucky to learn the basics from Shannon D., Scott F., John Brumback and Mary K. (who taught me cue ball control), but Jason Moran has been my mentor/devil for the past 15 years...and yes I have seen him play better than the pros many times...
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    Okay gonna seem strange but I need 5 diamond bar box's....have 20k and if any of you know of any I am willing to come and get them myself....
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    how would you hit this bank?

    Yes Larry thats one way I hit can do it center ball, top spin, roll it naturally, shorten it...the day often gives different options but the only one that counts is how you feel to make sure you make it, and of course where you want the cue ball to finish...
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    how would you hit this bank?

    one tip low and half a tip cut, hit it full in the face, it imparts collision induced english and the cue ball will go to the rail...if missed you will leave a difficult safety...this is actually a shot I set up when playing a new table to understand the speed of the cloth and the...