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    Happy Birthday Ghost!!!! I mean Ghroast!!

    soon my man....(btw - did you know I-55 travels north and south? o_O). have a couple nephews haven't seen in over a year and half. gonna be up that way late july - middle september for a long weekend sometime (work schedule is gonna be batshit very soon - gonna have to navigate that). all...
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    Happy Birthday Ghost!!!! I mean Ghroast!!

    long time no see ghosty.... happy bday brother. hope you and riva are doing well. :)
  3. Miller Mini in Nola

    other thing we could do is a modified chip "tourney." instead of chips, just pass $20 bills. single games. for example, lets say you have 12 players. reserve 5 tables, if you lose, put your name on the board and hop on the next table (with the previous winner) available. that'd be fun also....
  4. Miller Mini in Nola

    i'd say 10 or fewer players, we could do a round robin with 2 flights, races to 2 -- everyone could play pretty much non-stop for 4 or 5 hours. any more players, i'd say 16 man bracket (put in byes as necessary) - single elimination, races to 2. reserve as many tables as necessary, guys that...
  5. Miller Mini in Nola

    let's get it on. lacy's friday or saturday. mini. express interest asap!
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    Knocking the rust off Part 2

    my man....take care of yourself brother. glad to hear you're ok. listen to md lll advice.... go easy. (y)
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    New Orleans

    I'm working on him also....gotta have some crabbman in nola...... :cool:
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    Updating of our One Pocket rules

    well fellas.....that's about as clear as i'd propose that using the mechanical bridge in the two fashions described are particularly unique scenarios to the game of one pocket and perhaps should be spelled out in section 6.6 (perhaps you can name it the "miller...
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    Updating of our One Pocket rules

    another variant....what about shooting from the bridge stick as it is resting across the side rails?
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    Updating of our One Pocket rules

    i tend to agree. however, interested on what bob, whitey, and steve have to say.... 😉
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    Updating of our One Pocket rules

    I have a question regarding rule 6.6 Intentional Fouls Does this constitute an "illegal technique" as described in the second paragraph of 6.6?
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    NOLA Dinner

    i'm down for some good grub in NOLA. (also plan on tripping by balls off on a coupe shots of absinthe at some point....🤪)
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    Happy Birthday Vapros!

    happy bday vap! hope you have a good one pal. :)
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    Matching-up choice

    fair enough. appreciate the cerebral/wisdom thoughts from your experience(s). thanks for sharing/letting something go. i always break to the left pocket. i can usually adjust speed/touch/little higher/little lower as necessary (except at shooters in olathe - i'm just totally lost on the...
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    Happy Birthday, Mitch

    good stuff