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    You guys who have a table at home...

    Sorry to hear about your eye, Doc. Vision adjustments take a while to get comfortable with. Ever since I started playing pool I closed my left eye, but recently, I’ve been trying to change to open both eyes, and it’s tough to stay with the change. I keep slipping back into my old habits...
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    Making the most of it

    Better pic of forearms
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    Making the most of it

    Here are the other 3...and two that were in the other picture as well...
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    Making the most of it

    That handle has one of the better pieces of Birdseye maple that I’ve bought. I plan to put a clear epoxy wrap on that one 🤣. however I have three others like it (not pictured) that I do plan to have wraps for...
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    Making the most of it

    Here she is. She needs another coat then I’ll do the wrap. I still haven’t decided which wrap to put on it...
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    Making the most of it

    Those two are both Redheart and African Blackwood. It would be a shame to cover up the African black wood with a wrap IMO. Yes, but I’m not taking any refinish jobs at the moment...I do have one Huebler in the queue but have my hands full with my own cues. (Maybe later in the summer.)
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    Making the most of it

    I may not get to go out and play much in the near future, but I feel fortunate that I have a nice diamond table to practice on. I’m not sure how motivated I’ll be to keep my game sharp though since I don’t expect many visitors. Hopefully my sons will want to spend some time occasionally...
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    John vs. Barry 3 - responding to the break - wwyd?

    I’m going with the safe shot boys...Bank 3 into the 1 trying to freeze CB on the 13 and/or 9
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    Cincy trip March 2020

    Chicago Mike and I decided to meet up for the handicapped one pocket tournament that was going to be held at Michael’s billiards on March 14 and 15th. I booked us an AirBnB for Thursday night through Sunday night at this house that was built in 1879. We had to take a few pics... I left...
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    Signup for Member's Tournament Chicago

    That seems counterproductive lol
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    Just buy 8 matching extensions 🤣
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS! - aka cincy_kid

    Happy bday dude!
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    Table light?

    I’d wait and see if you can find a table that comes with a diamond light