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    off the presses: missing pool player
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    Watched Andrew Zimmern's Bizarre Foods America last night ...."Blues Trail" wherein he et his way through a bit of Memphis TN., and Oxford and Clarksdale, MS (about an hour south of Tunica Harrah's). Other than the TV guide entry says it is a trip through the Delta it is a great show. And not...
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    In watching the TAR stream (should I say B E A U T I F U L TAR stream !) from Las Vegas I notice that the great minds of the age have been at work once again adjusting the colors involved in the pocket games. Danny D. should consider himself special in that folks would go to so much labor to...
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    George Fels

    You ARE the man. In watching Williams v Archer (2011) "" ....with your commentary last night I increased my knowledge of 14.1 by several magnitudes. Where can I sign up for lessons? Your abilities, and those of J.R., made the...
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    Have a Schuler which requires valuation. Anyone know where I can go ?
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    Oklahoma city

    never mind
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    Hanover , Mass?

    Sometime in the next 4-5 days? It is 7/14. Never mind .... is there a real pool room within 150 miles of Boston? What I have see so far is enough to gag a maggot.
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    Uncle Sam, the Tax man. 10 bucks per Billiard table ..... long green in 18 and 68.
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    St. Petersburg

    Florida ..... or Tampa?
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    What is the rule

    Playing 10-4 Player A makes the 7 but the cueball carries through and pockets the 12 in the opponent's pocket. Who won? When does an inning end...
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    What to do, what to do .....? The edit monster arises: This is from a match at and was played last night...
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    Ramble Ramble

    <iframe src=""...
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    Koud's first axiom of one pocket: there is always at any time in any game of one pocket a best shot for the incoming player. Any one else out there care to state the obvious?
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    On the Coast

    South Carolina to Florida border ?
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    if you read it before, forget it